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It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you all to this year’s Matriculation Ceremony. This Ceremony is the second that I am presiding over as the Vice-Chancellor of this great Institution. I am grateful to the Almighty God for making the Matriculation Ceremony a reality.

The Matriculation Ceremony is an event that marks the formal admission of candidates into the University where they take the Oath of Admission, which grants them the full status of bona-fide students of the University, thereby giving them all rights and privileges appertaining to them. Matriculants must have passed through a thorough screening process, before and after their admission into the University. Thus, Matriculants are successful candidates who have satisfactorily met the necessary requirements to become bona-fide students of this great University.

I want to heartily congratulate our fresh students and their parents/guardians. I wish to inform our fresh students, that you are privileged to be here today. You are privileged because for the 2017/2018 admission exercise of this University, a total of about Thirteen thousand (13,000) applicants indicated interest in Ekiti State University. Of this number, only Seven thousand, one hundred and sixty-four (7,164) candidates were offered provisional admission in the University. This was done in strict compliance with the University quota as approved by the NUC. This calls for deep reflection on the part of our Matriculating students. This year’s admission process was unique with the introduction and use of the Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS), and the new regulation by JAMB, which permitted institutions to admit only candidates who chose the institution as first choice. This, according to JAMB, amongst other benefits, was to forestall the issue of a single candidate getting multiple offers of admission from different institutions, while depriving other eligible candidates the opportunity of getting admission.

The University remains committed to its vision/mission of producing graduates adequately equipped to handle contemporary socio-economic and environmental challenges through cutting edge research in Science, Technology and Humanities, driven by Information and Communication Technology. We remain true to our core values of academic excellence and integrity, accountability, high standards of morals and ethical behaviour, and fairness in all relationship with students and staff. Our goal is to be a world-class University, building men and women who would be great achievers in their chosen fields of interest and academic pursuits. To achieve this goal, our fresh students must avail themselves of the various programmes/events/activities provided by the University from time to time


It is expected that all fresh students of the University must be duly registered in their various Faculties and departments. They must undergo the screening/ verification exercise of their credentials. Failure to do this might result in the forfeiture of the provisional admission. You are not recognised by the University as bona-fide students until you complete all the registration process. In case of any challenge(s) encountered during the course of the process of registration, please ensure to seek proper assistance from the Admissions Officer/Head of Department/Dean of the Faculty. Beware of scammers, who under the pretence of rendering assistance to unsuspecting freshers, defraud them of their monies and possessions.


Students should avail themselves the use of the University’s e-portal and notice boards for information updates from time to time. Information on programmes, events and activities of the University are uploaded on the portal regularly. Students must ensure that they keep updates of information on happenings in the University always. Failure to do this will result in ignorance of current information, which could have grave consequences.


All fresh students, as well as returning students, are to ensure prompt payment of their fees, as well as Faculty and Departmental dues. The Institution has put in place a task force to enforce strict compliance to the payment of fees by students. It has been observed over the years, some students hold back in paying their fees even when they have the money for the payment. These students use the money meant for the payment of their fees for other convenience, and wait till the end of the semester when they are being chased out of the examination hall as defaulters before making the payment. This will no longer be tolerated. Students will not be allowed to sit for lectures or examinations without the payment of their fees and other dues as deemed appropriate. Payment of fees is also a pre-requisite for the mid-semester examination, newly introduced this session.


Fully registered fresh students, as well as, returning students are expected to have the University’s identification cards which they are to have on them at all times, especially while on campus, for proper recognition and to avoid embarrassment from security personnel of the University.


It is mandatory for students of this University to promptly and regularly attend all lectures. Attendance is taken regularly at the lecture venues by lecturers. Record of attendance forms part of the continuous assessment of students and a minimum of 70% of attendance is required for you to be allowed to take examination in all the programmes. Continuous assessment forms the basis of your examination and must be taken seriously.


The University’s library is equipped with both hard and e-learning facilities for the use of students and staff to enhance studies and research. Students are to take advantage of the facilities and make good use of them.


This initiative is geared towards instituting e-learning in line with global best practices of world-class institutions. I implore all our fresh students to make judicious use of the facility to facilitate effective learning.


Respect for tradition and moral culture is part of our core values. Thus, indecent dressing is not allowed in the University. The University has mandated a task force to enforce strict compliance with the dress code of the University. They have been authorized to sanction erring students.


Sport is an important part of life in EKSU. The University has a sports complex which has facilities for various sporting activities. I am delighted to inform you that students of this great University, on numerous occasions, have won medals in various sporting events within and outside the shores of the country. The university intends to continue to give support and encouragement to students in this respect.


The University has a health centre on campus which has qualified health personnel to attend to health issues of both staff and students. As part of the registration process, students are expected to register in the centre in order for them to have access to the facility, whenever the need arises.


The University ensures the provision of adequate security for both the students and staff on campus. The University has its own security post and outfit consisting of well-trained security personnel. Students are advised to always be security conscious and feel free to promptly report suspicious persons/movements or activities that could disrupt the peace on campus.


The achievement of academic success is anchored on hard work, determination and discipline. Discipline is one of the virtues required of students of this University as they carry out their various activities in and outside the campus. The University expects all students to display high level of discipline in their interactions with both fellow students and staff.


Students are expected to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Institution. Failure to do this would attract sanctions ranging from suspension to expulsion from the University. Each student is to conduct his/herself orderly, and not in a manner that could be inimical to fellow students or the University community at large.


The University, as well as the laws of the State, prohibits students from engaging in any form of cult activity within or outside the University campus. Anyone caught engaging in any of such activity would be made to face the full wrath of the law. Students are also advised to stay clear of hooliganism and all other forms of social vices.


The University has a counselling centre which is open to students who require counselling on issues bothering them, especially as they pertain to their achieving a successful completion of their programmes in the University.

Ekiti State University community has over the years produced men and women who have distinguished themselves in various human endeavours, it is my belief and hope that as you become members of the community, you also should strive for excellence and become distinguished achievers, both at the national and international levels.

Once again, on behalf of the Members of Governing Council, Senate, the University Management and the entire Ekiti State University community, I welcome you all to this great citadel of learning and wish you a successful stay in the University.

God bless you all.

Thank you.



Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti