All Ad hoc workers of the Directorate of Part Time Programme (DPTP) of Ekiti State University have been sent parking.

The Ad hoc Staff who have been variously alleged to be giving the PTP Directorate and the University a bad name through their unprofessional handling of academic and non-academic matters were fired during a visit of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Samuel Oye Bandele to the Directorate of PTP at the Ifaki campus of the University.

The sack order came shortly after the Director of DPTP, Professor Wale Adesina reeled his achievements and challenges among which was the issue of Ad hoc Staff.

Professor Adesina said “when I resumed in 2012, I met Thirty-eight Ad hoc Staff, this has been reduced to thirteen and they are constantly being kept under watch and appropriate steps are being taken to stern the tide of indiscipline that still exists among them”.

The Vice-Chancellor commended the Director for being honest in his dealings and promised to restructure the Directorate to achieve positive results.

Professor Bandele noted that Ad hoc Staff had given the Part Time Programme a bad name and that it was time to chase away whoever wants to give Ekiti State University a bad name.

The Vice-Chancellor was also at the Directorate of Pre-Degree Programme Ifaki – Ekiti where the Director, Professor Emmanuel Kolawole asked for the University support in the area of funding of the Directorate.