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A Brief History

The Alumni Relation’s Office was established in December 2011 as one of the innovations of the Vice-Chancellor with a view to re-branding the Alumni Association of the University to make it more encompassing and to become a relevant agent of development to the institution.  The Alumni Relation’s Unit was set up to support institutional development, raising funds, supporters, donors/investors, and deepening the influence and stature of the institution.  The Office is to ensure that the Institution maintains a healthy relationship with its core product, the Alumni, through providing services, organizing events and offering innovative means for the Alumni to continue to engage in the progress of the institution and keep abreast with development at the institution.

Who we are

Ø     The Alumni Relations is a Unit under the Directorate of Advancement devoted to the strategic and integrated management of life-long relationships with stakeholders (Alumni, Companies, Foundations, Government Agencies, Staff, Students, Parents and the General Public) for the continuous development of Ekiti State University.
What we do

Ø     Alumni Relations – Management of relationship between the individual alumnus and the University as well as relationships with the National Secretariat, State Branches, Chapters, Sets  and other groups of  Ekiti State University Alumni Association.  Gathering of alumni data and maintaining regular interactions between the University and the alumni as well as various alumni groups.  To facilitate this, there is need for all alumni to fill or update their personal data by completing the Alumni Registration Form on line: Visit http//

Ø     Gift Administration – Maintenance of regular and cordial interaction with Donors and prospective Donors towards mutually beneficial partnerships.

Ø     Endowment Canvassing -Soliciting for support to the University (in cash and kind) from the relevant stakeholders for the sustainable growth of the University.

Ø     University Endowment Activities – Coordinating all the University’s endowment activities at Faculty and Departmental levels including College of Medicine.

Ø     General Endowment – Soliciting for and obtaining funds from various stakeholders whether small or large, the pool of which is utilized to provide for the developmental needs of the University.

Ø     Investment – Facilitating safe and profitable Investment of funds received from benefactors to ensure that the proceeds are employed towards the various development efforts of the University.

Ø     Endowment Scholarship Awards – Annual Scholarship Awards funded from the proceeds of the Endowment funds are given to deserving students in five categories: Outstanding Scholars (with CGPA of 4.50 and above), Indigent Students, Physically Challenged Students, outstanding Sportsmen and women among the students.

Why We Need Your Support

Ø     All over the world there is nowhere government alone is left to finance University education the practice has been utilizing government subvention to meet recurrent expenditure of the university.  The University consequently has to source for additional funds to take care of capital projects such as renovation of existing buildings and construction of new ones, improvement of facilities, technology, equipments etc.


Ø     Strategic Projects – such as Lecture Theatres, Blocks of Classrooms, Student Halls of Residence, Staff Quarters, Laboratories, Libraries and Equipments, etc to improve the Infrastructural facilities in the University.

Ø     Academic Materials – Interactive Whiteboards, Computers, Books, Journals, and other library materials.

Ø     Prizes – Endowment for awards of prizes to the best graduating students in any area of the     donor’s choice.  The aim of this is to reward academic performance and promote academic excellence.

Ø     Professorial Chairs – Endowments for the institution of Professorial Chairs to support the engagement of a Professor who will occupy the Chair and conduct relevant research in the donor’s area of interest.

Ø     Scholarship Awards – donations may be for the purpose of awarding scholarships to any category of students to assist them in their pursuit of academic excellence.

Ø     Research Grants – Donations to fund research in the donor’s area of interest.

Ø    Alumni Giving – In the spirit of giving back, alumni can support their alma mater’s developmental efforts by making regular small or large donations.

Ø     Staff Endowment Check-Off Scheme – Staff can contribute through a structured deduction from source over a period of time.  Lump sum donations are also accepted.

Ø     Student Volunteers – Students can support by volunteering their services to the University.


Ø     By giving to the University, you will certainly make a difference in the development of the University and positively impact on the lives of students and those of the future generations.

The Objectives and Mission Statement

The objectives of the Alumni Relations Office Strategic Plan, which cut across diverse sectors of the Institution’s programmes, are:

  1. Production of qualitative graduates
  2. Building capacity of graduates in entrepreneurship
  3. Excellence in Research and development
  4. Becoming leaders in Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  5. Promotion of the relevance and alumni relations
  6. Promotion of the welfare of the University Community
  7. Ensuring a continuous increase is student enrolment
  8. Developing a gender action plan/policy with a view to promoting gender equity in all aspects of University life.
  9. Enhancing administrative/technical competence and skills through training and retraining to improve overall institutional management capacity.
  10. Making the University less financially dependent on the Government without compromising the quality of education being given.

General Information on Service Requirements and operation

The Mission is to make the Alumni Relation’s Office serves as a vehicle to reach out to the public in general and graduands of the University in particular.  The idea is to change the focus of the EKSU Alumni Association from being dependent on funds generated through graduating students alone but to make it more expansive and responsive by reaching out to the larger Society.  Furthermore the office is dedicated to show case the potentials which abound among the Alumni to make them have the sense of belonging and willing to plough back to the alma mater that made them.  The University and Alumni Association should see themselves as partners in progress with a view to move the University forward.

 Staff of Alumni Office

List of Management Staff of Alumni Office

Name Qualifications Status E-Mail Address Contact Phone
Mr. M. O. Odeyemi B.Sc, MPA (Ado) ANUPA, AIPAN, AUA. Principal Assistant Registrar/Alumni Relation Officer 08035750053

List of Administrative and Technical Staff

Name Qualifications Status E-Mail Address Contact Phone
Mr. F. A. Adegun B.Ed. (Akungba)


50.wpm.(Owo Poly)

Cert.In-Word- Processing (OSUA)

Chief Typist 08030621176
Mr. O. A. Aladegbamigbe WASC, OND. Clerical Officer Olugbanga.aladegbamigbe 08036501170
Mrs. O. F. Ojo WASC, OND Office Assistant 0867105238

The Alumni Association

A Brief History

The first set of graduates of the University graduated with Bachelors degree at the first Convocation Ceremony of the University held in 1986 at the University campus, Ado-Ekiti.  The steps to bring those graduates together as Alumni of the University for the purpose of networking and sharing school values with team spirit and comradeship towards participating in University activities and in the formulation of ideas and programmes set for the future development of the University and the promotion of scholarship suffice.

On 30th August, 1988, nine graduates of the University led by Mr. Stephen Bulla Akinsipe, Professor Samuel Sunday Asaolu and Dr. Ayan Adeleke met at the University campus to form the University Alumni Association Group, with Professor Kayode agreed to draft with first set of the Constitution of the Association.  On 20th February, 1990, the Ondo State University Alumni Association was formally launched with the inauguration of an Administrative Committee comprising of Mr. Stephen Bulla Akinsipe as Chairman, Mr. Ayo Olofintila as Secretary and Mrs. Bello as Treasurer.  The Alumni Association body fosters the spirit of oneness and comradeship among all the alumni of the University for the purpose of promoting linkages, social interactions, policy management and development, empowerment and scholarship.

In 1992, the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association elected Mr. Stephen Akinsipe to run her affairs as President and remained in that position till 1998 when Dr. P.S. Ogundana was elected as President and Alumni Representative on the Governing Council.  In 2000, Mr. Kole Ajayi was elected as President and Alumni Representative on the Governing Council and in 2004, Mr. Wale Jegede was elected as President and Alumni Representative on the Governing Council.

In 2007, Mr. Jadesola Babatola was elected as President and Alumni Representative on the Governing Council, though a faction of the Association emerged with Sir. W. O. Adebayo as President.  In 2008, the University intervened and merged the factions with Mr. Jadesola Babatola remaining as President and Alumni Representative on the Governing Council.  In 2009, there was leadership crisis in the Association and Mr. J.E.T Babatola handed over the Association to the University.  The Vice-Chancellor later invited the Board of Trustees to appoint a Caretaker Committee chaired by Hon. Omotayo Abidakun to run the affairs of the Association till year 2010, when Mr. Steve Akadiri was elected as President and Alumni Representative on the Governing Council.

In 2011, the Steve Akinsipe led-Board of Trustees removed Mr. Steve Akadiri from office due to management crisis in the Alumni Association.  Subsequently, Trustees of the Alumni Association were registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission with the following members: Mr. Wale Jegede (Chairman), Mr. Dotun Adetunberu (Secretary) and the following Trustees: Mr. Kole Ajayi, Mr. Jadesola Babatola, Otunba Dr. Tola Johnson, Prof. Kunle Ajayi, Dr. P. S. Ogundana, Prof. S.S. Asaolu, Sir. W. O. Adebayo and Dr. M. A. Ayeni.  The Board then appointed some National Officers to run the affairs of the Association namely: Mr. Bola Ogunlayi (President and Convocation Representative on the Governing Council, Mr. Adewale Arogundade (Secretary) and Mr. Abiodun Ayo (Treasurer) among others.

A Convention of EKSU Alumni Association took place on 26th of July, 2014 where an election was conducted and the following executive members were elected: Dr. M. A. Ayeni as National President, Mr. Samuel Ogunnusi as National Vice-President, Mr. Adebayo Clement as National Secretary, Barr. Ariyibi Assistant National Secretary, Mr. Olajide Akinyemi National Treasurer, Mr. Mayomi Sina National  Financial Secretary, Mr. Omotayo W. Adegunju National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Segun Odidi National Social Secretary, Mr. Junaid Ademola Isaac National Auditor, Mr. Bola Akeeb Ogunlayi Ex-Officio and Mr. Adekunle Daodu Ex-Officio. The officers of the Association shall hold office for a period of three (3) years.


The Philosophy

The Alumni Association is expected to pursue programmes and activities in line with its aims and objectives as follows:

  1. To provide a link between the University and its graduates and through them, the public in general.
  2. To initiate and execute programmes/activities aimed at accelerating overall growth and development of the University.
  3. To promote mutual understanding, cooperation, fraternal understanding among the graduates of the University.
  4. To provide advice to the University Authorities, State and Federal Government on such spheres of academic activities demanding specialist advice on improvement of academic matters pertaining to the welfare of the University community in general.
  5. To forge useful link between persons, associations, societies, institution or bodies of persons  established in Nigeria or elsewhere having similar objectives.
  6. To establish a general fund for the maintenance and promotion of scholarship and scientific research in the University as well as provide any necessary assistance in the University.
  7. To deal in any real or personal property and acquire right and privileges in any part of Nigeria or abroad which the association may consider necessary or convenient for the promotion of these objectives and the objective of the University.
  8. To create a forum for honouring members who have distinguished themselves in their fields of endeavour and in their contributions to the life of the university and the Association.


The Objectives and Mission Statement

The Alumni Association with her well grounded mission and articulated visions, continues to contribute positively to the growth and development of the University; striving through avalanche of members supports to add value to the University, the physical and human development of our alma mater and the promotion of her well being.

The Alumni Association operates at the levels of Branches, Chapters (combination of branches in a geographical location within and outside Nigeria), National level (the umbrella body of the Association) and Conference of Alumni associations of Nigerian Universities (CAANU).

The Constitution of the Association provides for election into National Offices of Alumni Association such as National President (and Convocation Representative on Governing Council), National Vice-President, National Secretary, Assistant National Secretary, National Treasurer, National Financial Secretary, National Social Secretary, National Publicity Secretary, Assistant National Publicity Secretary, National Auditor and One Ex-Officio Member.    There is also a Board of Trustee of the Association headed by a Chairman with distinguished members to oversee the overall activities of the Association.

General Information on Service Requirements and operation of the Association.

The Alumni Association has over the years, made immense contributions to the development of the university, especially in the area of infrastructure and supporting the university administration to maintain standards.  Plans are also underway to commence the construction of phase 2 of the Alumni building.  Suffix to mention are some of our modest contributions to the University development in the past few years individually and collectively as follows:

  1. Construction of the University’s Alumni Centre without any contributions from the University, construction of a Moot and Trial Court Building for the Faculty of Law of the University, construction of Borehole facilities in selected Students hostels and in the University premises, construction of Ultra Modern Toilet facilities for use of Visitors, Staff and Students, landscaping of the University Gate and installation of directional guide across the university road and construction of Security Output for Cadets and  the University Security Department,  construction of a 500 Seater Lecture Theatre and installation of Security surveillance system in the University Administrative Block for monitoring of movements.
  2. Sponsorship of the publication of a book on the history of the University titled: THE EARLY YEARS and COMPENDIUM OF EKSU ALUMNI, production of Alumni Newsletters, Calendar, stickers and other incentives for distribution to alumni, staff and students and Production of the University Lapel Pins and Cap for distribution among  staff, students and alumni, hosting of the creation of University Advancement Office at the Alumni Centre, production of 30th Anniversary Commemorative Brochure, Verification of Assets and off-setting of some of the liabilities of previous administration, Review of the Financial Manager Manual of the Association and annual distribution of gift items to stakeholders.
  3. Donation to the construction of religious worship centre’s for both Christians and Muslims in the University and promotion of harmony among their members, promotion of various public awareness programmes, documentaries and press coverage to promote and reposition the good name of the Universities and educational sectors.
  4. Financial and moral supports for promotion of student activities, student bodies and organizations like the Cadet Corps, the JAYCESS, the Rotary Club, FESSU, etc, support and guidance to the Students Union Government, refurbishing and equipping of Students’ Union Building; donation of office/telecommunication equipments and corporate gifts to Student Leaders for peaceful and orderly conduct of Union activities.
  5. Donation of Generating sets, Computer accessories and Printers to the University, donations of Books and Journals to the University and Departmental Libraries, and donation towards training programmes and Registry Seminar funding in the University and support of Examinations and Records Division for the prompt servicing of transcripts and certificate matters.
  6. Participation in various stakeholders’ initiatives to reposition the Alumni within the University and the University interest in the larger public.  Participation in university activities and programmes devoted to partnering with Alumni and the general public.
  7. Sponsoring of the publication of a book titled “Compendium of EKSU Alumni”.
  8. Financial Assistance to indigent students in all faculties of the University

Selected Alumni Officials

List of selected Alumni Officials

Name Qualifications Status E-Mail Address Contact Phone
Mr. Olawale Jegede B.Sc, MBA (Ado), Chairman, BOT 08037227665
Mr. Dotun Adetuberu B.Sc (Ado) MPA Secretary, BOT 07034198400
Dr. M. A. Ayeni Ph.D National President 08033965868
Mr. Adebayo Clement B.Sc National Secretary 08022587190 08033259588
Mr. Olajide Akinyemi B.Sc National Treasurer 08034385369


List of Ad-Hoc Staff of EKSU Alumni Centre

Name Qualifications Status E-Mail Address Contact Phone
(Mrs.) Ipinlaye T. O. NCE, B.Sc. Accounting Officer 08067890796
B. Famakinwa (Miss) SSCE, B.Sc. Clerical Officer 07030287482
F. Ogunlade (Miss) SSCE Office Assistant 08034002376


Call: 0808508432, 08036501170,  08035750053