Faculty of Education was established in the 1983/84 session with the primary aims of preparing teachers at the graduate and diploma levels and promoting research in education. At inception the Faculty had three departments namely Educational Foundations, Curriculum Studies and Guidance and Counselling. The Institute of Education was set up in 1987/88 session for in-service/refresher courses; seminars; workshops; Diploma programmes in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics; Sandwich programmes for serving teachers; and rendering of services to schools and Ministries of Education (Federal and State). In 1997/98 session the Department of Educational Foundations became Educational Foundations and Management, so also in 2005/2006 the Sandwich Programmes were transferred to the Directorate of Continuing Education Programmes and the Institute of Education was made to concentrate on teaching and research activities.


The Institute and the three Departments in the Faculty jointly provide undergraduate courses leading to the award of B.A (Ed), B.Sc(Ed), and B.Ed Regular and Sandwich with specialization in the following areas:

  1. English, French, Yoruba, History and Religious Studies – B.A. (Ed)
  2. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Agricultural Science, Vocational and Technical Education – B.Sc.(Ed).
  3. Accounting, Economics, Geography and Political Science – B.Sc (Ed).
  4. Guidance and Counselling, Educational Management, Adult Education, Nursery and Primary Education, Physical and Health Education, Integrated Science, Business Education and Social Studies – B. Ed.

Postgraduate Programmes:

(i) The Post – Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

(ii) Master of Education (M.Ed) in Guidance and Counselling, Language Education, Philosophy of Education, Science Education, Tests and Measurement and Educational Management.

(iii) M.Phil / Ph.D in Guidance and Counselling, Language Education, Philosophy of Education, Science Education, Tests and Measurement and Educational Management.

All higher degree programmes are available on both regular and sandwich bases except M.Phil/Ph.D. which is only available on regular basis.

Philosophy of the Faculty:

The Philosophy of the Faculty is to provide essential training to student teachers in order to be sufficiently knowledgeable, competent, innovative, broad minded, adaptive and progressive.  This is with the aim of producing qualified teachers as professionals who will be more efficient and dynamic to impact positively on the lives of the children put in their care.  The realization of such abilities and goals will in turn make the individuals useful and happy citizen in the society.  It is hoped that the quality of teachers largely determines the quality of education in a society.

Our Objectives

The main objective of the Faculty is to produce qualified teachers at graduate and postgraduate levels, who have the mastery of various subjects, combined with a sound academic and professional training in education.  Such teachers, by the end of the programme, should be ready to:

(a) Teach their chosen subjects effectively in the secondary schools, teacher training colleges and tertiary institutions;

(b) Infuse creativity into teaching, research and learning;

(c) Utilize their specialized training to give leadership in critical

assessment and the development of self-discipline;

(d) Inculcate in the students the spirit of enquiry and creativity, and the ability to think

critically and effectively in solving personal and other problems; and

(e) Add to the existing volume of knowledge in the society.