To produce highly qualified professional in the field of teaching and learning that can function effectively in their respective disciplines and compete favourably with others globally.


The Department of Curriculum Studies was established as an integral part of the Faculty of Education  in 1983/84 academic session.  The Department focuses on the methodology of the teaching subjects and it coordinates students’ practical teaching programme along with the courses it oversees.

Framework and Services of the Department

The framework of the Department consists of Language Laboratory for English Language, workshops for Technical Education, Integrated Science Laboratory for Integrated Science and the Media Centre for Educational Technology.  All these render services for Students training as required.  The Department of Curriculum Studies is made up of different units including Science Education, Language Education, Educational Technology, Vocational & Technical Education.  Courses are taught in each of these units at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  Apart from this, the Department runs a University-Wide Audio-visual centre where students are taught with practical demonstrations on the development and production of instructional materials and also where other units in the University have opportunity to receive service on some of their teaching activities including inaugural lectures..  The Department also runs an Integrated Science Laboratory where science education students have opportunities to carry out practical work.

General Information on the Organs of Department

The Organs of the Department consists of the Head of Department who oversees the running of the Department on every aspect.  The welfare officers who see to the welfare of both Staff and students of the Department, the Course Advisers that collate and compute the results of the students.  The results are later presented to the Business Committee of the Faculty by the Head of Department.  There is a Staff Secretary who takes records of all the Departmental meetings and he is assisted by an assistant.  Also, there is a Departmental Secretary who serves as head of non-academics staff within the Department and organises all the Departmental document and files.


Faculty Board Membership

All Academic staff members are members of the Faculty Board.

Deans and Head of Department

There is a Dean who is the head of all members of staff in the Faculty, and in the Department,  there is a Head of Department who supervises every works in the Department.