Mission Statement of the Department:

To offer high quality undergraduate and postgraduate programme in Biochemistry and carry out researches that will permit our students to match up with international standard, thereby attaining scientific revolution in our world.
General Information on the Organs and Activities of the Department
The Postgraduate Programme in Biochemistry is designed to offer intensive training to graduates of Biochemistry with B.Sc and M.Sc degrees or graduates from any other related fields such as Health Science, Basic Medical Science, Public Health, Pharmacy, Food Science/Technology, Veterinary Medicine, Microbiology, Human Nutrition, and Agriculture to acquire expertise in the concepts of Biochemistry.

Undergraduate Programme:
Students intending to gain admission into undergraduate programme of Biochemistry Department must satisfy the University and faculty entry requirements as stated below:

1. UME candidate must obtain five ‘O’ level credit passes in English language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
2. All candidates must be processed through the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for either UTME or Direct Entry applications.
3. Pre-degree candidate must satisfy (1) above and pass pre-degree science examination at the prescribed level.
4. Direct Entry Candidate must pass at least two of the following subjects – Chemistry, Physics, and Biology with satisfactory grade at WASC ‘A’ level examination and must hold a minimum of Ordinary National Diploma with Upper Credit in Science Technology from a recognized Polytechnic in addition to the above stated requirements.

The undergraduate programme is designed to teach the science of Biochemistry up to the Bachelor’s degree level. It is intended to make students aware of the relevance of Biochemistry in various ways and areas in meeting the manpower needs of the country. The Department also provides appropriate courses for students from various Faculties such as Science, Pharmacy, Education, Technology, Health Science and Agriculture that require a working knowledge of Biochemistry. It is also designed to prepare students for specialized teaching in Biochemistry at higher level.

Postgraduate Programme:
The broad base of the training is designed to make students aware of the relevance of Biochemistry in human endeavour so as to be able to:

1. Train scientists in basic and contemporary techniques, methodologies and theoretical aspects of Biochemistry with the ultimate objective of preparing the students for career positions in Universities, Research Institutes, Clinical Biochemistry, Industries and Quality Control Laboratories.
2. Organize and supervise quality control in brewing, pharmaceutical and allied industries and
3. Help the industry to develop research into specialized areas of Biotechnology, such as recombinant DNA technology for strain improvements in agriculture.

Master of Science (M.Sc) Programme
i. Admission into the M.Sc Programme is open to graduates of the University of Ado- Ekiti or other Universities recognized by the Senate of the University of Ado-Ekiti who possess a good honours degree (with a minimum of Second Class honour – Lower Division) in Biochemistry or related fields as specified above
ii. Holders of Final Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology (Biochemistry/Chemistry option) with a minimum of Upper Credit from the University of Ado-Ekiti in addition to a Post graduate Diploma Certificate in Biochemistry from an institution recognized by the Senate.
iii. Holders of HND certificate with a minimum of upper credit in Biochemistry or related field from any Polytechnic recognized by the Senate, in addition to a Post-graduate Diploma certificate in Biochemistry shall be considered.

1. In addition to the above requirement, applicants must satisfy the ‘O Levels First Degree matriculation requirements of the University of Ado-Ekiti, i.e. ‘O’ Level credit passes in 5 subjects at not more than 2 sittings including English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme

1. Candidates with M.Sc degree in Biochemistry and who have attained a 60% level of pass in the M.Sc degree programme.
2. Candidates with M. Tech, M.Sc or M.Phil preferably in Biochemistry or any other related discipline from Universities recognized by the Senate and whose performance is adjudged to be adequate for the course.

M.Sc. programme normally runs for a minimum of eighteen (18) calendar months for full time and thirty (30) calendar months for part-time students. Ph.D programme runs for a minimum of thirty six (36) months of study for a full time candidate with the M.Sc degree studying for the award of the Ph.D degree while a part-time student can be awarded a Ph.D degree after a minimum of sixty (60) months of study from the date of first registration for the Ph.D programme.