Head of Department Private and Property Law

Dr. B.O. Jemilohun


(i)Admission requirements for the programmes are the same as for entry into the University generally. These include good performance in the Joint Matriculation Examination and possession of at least five credit passes at the G.C.E. Ordinary level or its equivalent at one sitting. Candidates are however required to possess credit passes in English Language, Literature in English and Mathematics at either the General Certificate of Education (G.C.E. Ordinary Level) the West African School Certificate (WASC), the Senior Secondary SchoolCertificate (S.S.C.E.) or NECO.

(ii)Candidates seeking admission by Direct Entry must satisfy the minimum university admission requirements laid down for that category, that is:

(a)At least 2 passes at the Principal or Advanced Level

(b)Diploma in Law with Upper Credit Passes from the University of Ado-Ekiti or any recognized University or Polytechnic.

(c) A good university degree

In addition, such candidates must posses credit passes in English Language, Literature in English and Mathematics at either the SSCE, WASC, Ordinary Level or NECO.


(i) Instruction in the Faculty of Law is by courses organized into course units. One course unit is the equivalent of one hour of lecture or tutorial per week per semester.

(ii) The course codes are assigned on departmental basis and arranged in progressive order of levels of academic progress thus:

100 – 199First Year -100 Level

200 – 299Second Year -200 Level

300 – 399Third Year -300 Level

400 – 499Fourth Year-400 Level

500 – 599Fifth Year-500 Level

(iii)Courses that are taught and taken are categorized broadly into compulsory courses and elective courses.

(a)Compulsory Courses: These are courses which a student must register for and pass in order to graduate.

(b)Elective courses: These are courses which a student may offer and pass in order to obtain the minimum units required for graduation.


(i)A student admitted through the Joint Matriculation Examination into the 5-year programme must register for, take and pass a minimum of 204 course units in order to complete the programme while a student admitted by Direct Entry into the 4-year programme must register for, take and pass a minimum of 174 course units in order to complete the programme.

(ii)A student must register for a minimum of 20 course units and a maximum of 26 course units per semester.

(iii)Registration for courses shall take place at the beginning of each semester. This shall be for a period of two weeks from the commencement of the semester.
(iv) Any student who fails to register within the specified period will be deemed to have absented himself or herself from the courses for the semester and this will disqualify him/her from writing the university examinations at the end of that semester.

(v)Any student who is sick and cannot register for courses within the stipulated period shall submit a medical report signed by the University’s Director of Medical Services, or a report endorsed by him, if it is from any other medical centre.

Where a student is on transfer from another University, such student shall not be required to write any examination on any course which he duly registered for, took and passed in the former university.