Degree:             —————B.Ed, M.Ed, Ph.D
E-mail:             —————
Department:         ———–Adult Education
Academic Rank:         ——Lecturer 1
Current Position:         —–Lecturer 1
Research Interest:         —Adult and Literacy Development/Women Education

Institutions Attended:    

B.Ed – Unversity of Ibadan
M.Ed – University of Ibadan
Ph.D – University of Ibadan

Membership of  Professional Bodies:        

*Member, Nigeria (National) Council of Adult Education (NNCEA)
*Member, Nigeria Association for Educational Administration and    Planning (NAEAP)
*Member, Reading Association of Nigeria (RAN)

Awards Received:        
Courses Taught:    ADE104, ADE205, ADE301,  ADE302, ADE406, CUS216, ADE401, ADE131, ADE125, and EFM403

Maintaining the quality of Continuing Education Center: A Case of Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti


(i)   Contribution of Literacy Education to Socio-Economic Development of women in Ekiti State, Nigeria.
(ii)    Women Education as Panacea to Family Conflicts
(iii)   An assessments of Universal Basic Education (UBE Act) in Relation to Adult Population in Nigeria.

(a)  Thesis / Dissertations:
(1)    Adeyemo C.W. (1996). Effect of literacy education on women development in Akure South Local Governemnt Area, Ondo State. Unpublished M.Ed. Dissertation, Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan.
(2)    Adeyemo C.W. (2014). Vocational skill acquisition and Micro-credit loans as determinations of Widows in Southwestern Nigeria Ph.D
    Thesis Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan

(b)   Books/Monograph
i.     Authored Book                                                                                                                                                                                                 
1.    Adeyemo C.W. (2009). Basic elements of literacy education. Lagos. St. Maotex Publishers.76 Pages

ii.        Edited book:
2    Adeyemo C.W. and Adedokun M.O. (2011) Literacy and Women Development in Nigeria. Book-reading in honour of Prof. J.A. Ajala. University of Ibadan. 1-13

iii.         Chapter in books
3.    Adeyemo C.W. (2011). Organization and administration of Adult Education in Nigeria. In M. Borode.(Ed). Integrated approach to adult and informal education. Lagos: Frontline   Publishers.

iv.          Articles in conference proceedings:
4.     Agboola B.G, Adedokun M.O, Adeyemo C.W. (2008) Adult Education and Sustainable Development: A Perception of University of Ado- Ekiti. International Conference on Research and Development. Conference proceedings pp54, Ghana.

(c)          Articles that already appeared in learned journals
5.    Adeyemo C.W. (2009). Literacy Education and Family Health-Care; The experience of women in Akure South Local Govt, Ondo State. NAWACS Journal of Contemporary Studies. 1(1). Pg 165-174.
6.    Adedokun M. O. and Adeyemo C.W. (2008). The role of Community Education in Poverty Alleviation. Journal of Educational Foundations and Management (JEFAM).6(1), 41-48. Department of Educational  Foundations and Management, University of Ado Ekiti.

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9.     Adeyemo C.W. (2010). The Need for Integrating Vocational Skills into Adult Literacy Programme. Journal of Educational Foundation and Managements. JEFAM (UNAD). 8 (1).
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 *11.     Egunyomi. D. A. and Adeyemo C. W. (2012) Vocational Skill Acquisition as determinant of Socio-economic and Psychological Adjustment of widows in Southwestern, Nigeria. IRCAB Journal of Arts and Education 2 (2)
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*14.    Adeyemo C.W. (2014) Implementing Vocational Skills Training among rural women for equal access to qualitative Education. Int. Journal of Adv. Res. 2 (4) 429-432
*15.    Adeyemo C.W. (2014) Assessing the Effects Widowhood on Children Education in Southwestern Nigeria. Int. Journal of Education and Practice 5 (11): 48-52
*16.    Adeyemo C.W. (2014) Enhancing Women Educational Status through Open Distance Leaning: A case study of Ekiti State University, Ado–Ekiti.
Conferences attended with Dates:
1.    Conference on Sustainable Development, held at University of Ghana, Accra. 16th-18th July 2012.