Degree:             —————B.Ed, M.Ed, Ph.D
E-mail:               ————–
Academic Rank:        ——-Senior Lecturer
Current Position:         —–Ag. HOD
Research Interest:        — Community Development

Institutions Attended:    

B.Ed – Unversity of Ibadan
M.Ed – University of Ibadan
Ph.D – University of Ibadan

Membership of  Professional Bodies:        

*Member, Community Development Association of Nigeria (CDAN)
*Member, Nigeria (National) Council of Adult Education (NNCAE)
* Member, Nigeria Association for Educational Administration and    Planning (NAEAP)
*Member, Reading Association of Nigeria (RAN)

Awards Received:        
Courses Taught:    ADE101, ADE201, ADE203, ADE102, ADE206, ADE403, ADE161 and EFM403


a.     Research in Progress
i.    Managing Education for community and national security
ii.    Capacity building through Adult Education for Poverty Reduction on Nigerian

b.     Research completed but not yet published:
i.    Adedokun, M.O. “Impact of literacy on local leadership for good governance: A case Study of Egbeda Local Government Area of Oyo State.”
ii.    Adedokun, M.O. “Rationales for literacy: implications for community development”

Publications 🙁 Please list publications under the following broad headings; and asterisk those that appeared since your last promotion):
a.     Thesis/Dissertation:
i.    Adedokun, M.O. (1998) The Contributions of community education to community development projects in Oyo State 1987-1996.Unpublished PH.D Thesis, Department of Adult Education, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.
ii.    Adedokun, M.O (1994). Community associations as promoters of better life programs in Egbeda Local Government, Oyo State Unpublished M.ED Thesis. Department of Adult Education University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

b.     Books/Monographs
I.     Authored Books:
1)    Adedokun, M.O. (2008). Introduction to Adult Education Lagos, Honey Crown Educational Publisher.

2)    Adedokun, M.O. (2011). A Handbook of Community Development. Lagos Honey Crown Educational Publishers.

3)    Adedokun, M.O. (2011): Fieldwork in Community Development, Lagos, Honey Crown Educational Publishers.  

4)    Adeokun, M.O. (2012). Adult Education in Pre-Industrial Europe, Ibadan. Bolmor Publishers.

5)    Adedokun, M.O. (2012). Principles and Practice of Adult Education Ibadan, Bolmor Publishers.
II.     Edited Books:     NIL

III)    Chapter in Books:
6)    Adedokun, M.O. (2000) “Community associations as promoters of community development” in Adepoju, T. and Danmole B. (eds) Science, Education and Evaluation in Africa. Papers in honour of Prof. Sam, Tunde Bajah pp 202-209. pp 187-702.
7)    Adedokun, M.O. (2010) “Community education as a tool for promoting useful living in Nigeria” in Elaturoti, D.F. and Alade, I.A. (ed) Multidisciplinary Issues in Nigerian Education,  I Ibadan, Mercy of God Prints. Pp 16-27.
8)    Adedokun, M.O. (2011) “Community participation in community development” in Borode, M.     (ed) (2011):  Integrated approach to adult and non formal education. Ado Ekiti, Frontline Publishers. Pp. 29-42.
9)    *Adedokun, M.O. & Adeyemo, C.W. (2011)” Literacy and women development in Nigeria”  in   B.O. Ogundele, O.A. Moronkola & J.F. Babalola (eds) Contemporary Issues in Education, Health and Sports: The Way Forward  (Book Of Reading In Honour of Prof J.A.Ajala)  Ibadan, Department of Human Kinetics and Health education, University of Ibadan pp .1-12
10)    *Adedokun, M. O. (2012): The Impact of women in building a formidable community. Sotunsa, M and Yacob-Haliso, O. (eds) Women in Africa: Contexts, Rights, Hegemonies Lagos Jedidah Publishers, pp 240-247, Babcock University, Ilisan Remo, Ogun State.
11)    Adedokun, M.O. (2012) “The Role of electrification in rural development Nigeria in Adekola G. and Oyebamiji M.A. (ed.) Topics in Community Development” pp 187-702.
12)    *Adedokun, M.O. and Abiodun-Oyebanji, O.J. (2013) “ Impact of infrastructure provision on poverty alleviation in Nigerian Communities” in  Oni, S (Ed) (2013)Challenges and Prospects in African Education Systems. Pp.740-749  USA& Canada, Trafford Publishing (
IV)     Articles in Conference Proceedings:
13)    *Adedokun, M.O .2011.”Community Participation: A Strategy for sustainable development” in international conference on culture and sustainable development, April 4-7 2011, (1)10 Porto Novo, Republic of Benin.
14)    *Adedokun, M.O. 2012 “Inclusive Education: Towards the growth of the nigerian communities” in 1st Sub –Regional Summit on Inclusive Education: West and Central Africa, 6th-10th, February, 2012, University of Education, Winneba.
15)    *Adedokun, M.O. 2013  “The Impact of literacy on vocational skill acquisition for better community participation” in the 8thpan African Reading for All Conference, University of Nairobi, Kenya, 12th-16th August,2013
C.     Articles that have already appeared in Learned Journals
16)    Adedokun, M.O (2007): “Empowering women through education to eradicate injustice” Nigerian Journal of Clinical and Counseling Psychology: 13 (1 and 2), 219-236. Department of Guidance and Counseling, University of Ibadan, Ibadan
17)    Adedokun, M.O. (2008): The Effects of community education on the sustainability of community development projects” Nigerian Journal of Counseling and Applied Psychology. 4(1), 6-19 Department of Guidance and counseling, University of Ado Ekiti, Ado Ekiti.
18)    Adedokun, M.O. & Ekundayo, H.T. (2008)” Mobilising community members for effective participation in community development “Journal of Nigerian Council for Adult Education 16,338-353. Department of Adult Education, University of Ibadan.
19)    Adedokun. M.O. & Adeyemo, C.W. (2008): The Role of community education in poverty alleviation” Journal of Educational Foundations and Management. 6(1), 123-137, Department of Educational Foundations and Management, University of Ado Ekiti, Ado Ekiti.
20)    Omotayo, K.A., Popoola, A & Adedokun, M.O. (2009) “Towards better integration and persistence in science teaching: Implication for youth preparation for labour market” Journal of Educational Review, 2(3)395-400 New Delhi, India.
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24)    Adedokun, M.O., Agboola, B.G. & Ojeleye, J.A. (2010) “The Challenges of rural development in recent times: Practical steps for rural community development” Journal of Contemporary Humanities 4(1&2) 241-247. School of Education and Humanities, Babcock University, Ilishan Remo, Ogun State.
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53)    Adedokun M.O and Adeyemo, C.W.  “Finding solutions to the challenges facing adult Education in Nigeria”  (Macrothnk Institute, Las Vegas, USA)

Papers already accepted for publication.

54)    *Adedokun M. O., Oluwagbohunmi M. F. and Bolarinwa R. (2014) Enviromental Sanitation: Towards a Healthy Community in Journal of Sociology and Education in Africa  12(3) 257 – 268
55)    *Adedokun, M.O. (2015) “Impact of Effective Communication onn Family Togetherness: a case study of Ado Local Government, Ado – Ekiti. In Sci-Afric Journal of Research and Learning Techniques I (4) 131 – 137

Conferences Attended with Papers Read

i.    Higher Education Research and Policy Network (HERPNET) IITA IBADAN, August 18th – 21st, 2009.
Paper Read: “Toward better Integration and Persistence in Science Teaching: Implication for Youth Preparation”.
ii.    Fifth Regional Conference on Information Communication Technology in Higher Education (MOI University, Eldoret, Kenya) 14th – 18th June, 2010.
Paper Read: “The challenges of ICT in Improving Teaching in Institutions of Higher learning”.
iii.    History of Education Society of Nigeria: International Standing Conference for the History of Education; 30th November – 3rd December, 2010:
Paper: “The Role of Electrification in Rural Development in Nigeria ”.
iv.    International Conference on Culture and Sustainable Development, April 4th – 7th, 2011, Porto Novo, Republic of Benin.
Paper Read: “Community Participation: A strategy for sustainable development”.
v.    1st Sub-Regional Inclusive Education Summit: West and Central Africa: University of Winneba, Ghana, February 6th – 10th, 2012.
Paper Read: “Inclusive Education and the Development of Nigeria Communities”.
vi.    1st Sub-Regional Summit on Inclusive Education: West and Central Africa; 6th – 10th February, 2012.
Paper Read: Inclusive Education and the Development of Nigerian Communities.
vii.    Community Development Association of Nigeria (CDAN), 28th – 30th August, 2012, University of Ibadan.
Paper Read: “Participating Approach to Community Participation: Implication for Community Development”.
viii.    London International Conference on Education (LICE 2012), 18th -23rd November, 2012.
Paper Read: “Childhood Education: A move Towards Community Participation”.
ix.    8th Pan- Africa Reading for All, organized by the Association of Reading of Kenya; University of Nairobi. 12th – 16th August, 2013.
Paper Read: Impact of Literacy on Vocational Skill Acquisition for Better Community Participation.
x.    Nigeria National Council for Adult Education, Ile-Ife, May 27th – 29th, 2013:
Paper Read: “Finding Solutions to Problems Facing Adult Education in Nigeria”.
xi.    International Conference On National Capacity Building Strategy For Sustainable development And Poverty Alleviation. Held in the America University in the Emirate, Dubai international Academic City, Dubai. UAE. May 26th – 28th 2015.
Paper read: “Capacity Building through Adult Education Programme for Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria Communities”

Conferences Attended with Papers Read:

xii.    Higher Education Research and Policy Network (HERPNET) IITA IBADAN, August 18th – 21st, 2009.
Paper Read: “Toward better Integration and Persistence in Science Teaching: Implication for Youth Preparation”.
xiii.    Fifth Regional Conference on Information Communication Technology in Higher Education (MOI University, Eldoret, Kenya) 14th – 18th June, 2010.
Paper Read: “The challenges of ICT in Improving Teaching in Institutions of Higher learning”.