Degree:             ————–B.Ed, M.Ed, Ph.D
E-mail:            —————
Academic Rank:         ——Lecturer 1
Current Position:         —–Lecturer 1
Research Interest:         —Industrial Education

Institutions Attended:     

B.Ed – Unversity of Ibadan
M.Ed – University of Ibadan
Ph.D – University of Ibadan

Membership of  Professional Bodies:        

*Member, Nigeria (National) Council of Adult Education (NNCAE)
* Member, Nigeria Association for Educational Administration and    Planning (NAEAP)
*Member, Reading Association of Nigeria (RAN)
Awards Received:        

Diploma in Adult Education and Community Development
Courses Taught:    ADE101, ADE201, ADE203, ADE102, ADE206, ADE403, ADE161 and EFM403

Research Conducted:

(a)    Research in Progress
(i)    Perceptions of University Undergraduates to Adult Education Discipline and Prospects in South West Nigeria.
(ii)    Funding of Adult Education for Sustainable Development: The Experience of Sandwich Students of University of Ado – Ekiti
(iii)    HIV/AIDS and The Nigerian Labour Force: Consequences And Challenges
(iv)    The Applicability of ICT to Industrial Education and Training in an Emerging Economy: Reality or Myth
(b)    Research completed but not yet published
(i)    Rethinking Adult Education for National Development in Nigeria: A Perspective.
(ii)    Adult Education and Policy Environment in Four Asian Countries: Lessons for Nigeria.
(iii)    NMEC DECREE: Its Opportunities and Limitations on Adult and Non-Formal Education in Nigeria.
(v)    Implementation of REFLECT methodology in promoting adult and non-formal education in Nigeria


(a)    Thesis/Dissertations:
Agboola B.G (2001) Impact of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) on community development and capacity building of graduates. A case study of Oyo State NYSC directorate. Unpublished M.Ed Project. University of Ibadan
(b)    BOOKS/Monograph
i.    Authored Book
    1.    Agboola B.G. (2011), Introduction to industrial relations. Lagos. GoldPrint Education Publishers. 66 Pages;
iii.    Chapter in books
    2.    Agboola B.G. (2011). Perspective in industrial education, Training and  Development, In M. Borode. (Ed). Integrated approach to adult and informal education. Lagos: Frontline Publishers.
iv.    Articles in conference proceedings:
    3.    Agboola B.G (2008). Adult Education and Sustainable Development: Perception of Unversity of Ado – Ekiti Undergraduates. International Conference On Research and Development. Conference proceedings pp54, Ghana.
(c)    Articles that already appeared in learned journals
    4.    Borode M. & Agboola B.G. (2007). Motivation of Women for Adult Literacy Programme in Nigeria. A case Study of Ikere Local Government Area. African Journal of Education Series. 7(2)
    5.    Agboola B.G. (2009). Opportunities and Challenges of Widening Access to Scheme to Capacity Development and Skill Enhancement of Fresh Graduates. Journal of Foundations and Management. 3(1), 64-73. Department of Adult Education, University of Ibadan.
    7.    Adedokun M.O, Agboola B.G & Ojeleye J.A (2010) The challenges of rural development in recent times: Practical steps for rural community development. Contemporary Humanities. 4(1 & 2), 54-64. School of Education and Humanities, Babcock University, Ilisan – Remo.
    8.    Akinsanya A.O. & Agboola B.G. (2012) Teachers’ Perception on Influence of in-service Training Programme on Secondary School Teachers’ Job Performance in Ikenne, Ogun State. Nigeria. Educational Periscope. 4, 148-157. Nigerian Association of Educationists for National Development (NAEND). Ogun, Oyo, Ekiti, Ondo & Osun States Zonal Chapter.
    9.    Abu P.B & Agboola B.G. (2012) Student Enrolment Cost and Access to University Education in South West, Nigeria.  Journal for Special Education: Special Issues, 2008 – 2012. 11, 32-45. Department of Special Education, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.
    10.    Abu P.B. & Agboola B.G. (2012) Private Sector Participation and Access to University Education in Nigeria KIU Journal of Education.  7, 137-155. Faculty of Education, Kampala University College, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.