Mission of the Department

The main concern of the Department of Educational Foundations and Management is to ensure the production of highly skilled teachers and educational administrators with a strong, sound academic and professional training in education.

Brief History of the Department

The Department of Educational Foundations and Management came into existence in 1983/84 academic session, initially in form of Unit.  The department was one of the two departments established at the inception of the Faculty of Education as approved by Senate. The foundation lecturers were:

  1. Prof. Ade Fajana  (First Dean)
  2. Dr (Mrs.)  F.B Ala Adeyemi
  3. Dr. C. O. Igbalajobi
  4. Dr.  Agyakwa Kofi (First H.O.D.)


At the inception, the department was initially given the name, Department of Educational Foundations, which was later changed to Department of Educational Foundations and Management when degree programme in Educational Management was approved. The department graduated her first set in 1987. At present, the number of academic staff has risen to thirty-three.  The enrolment has increased tremendously.

The department was set up to run the first degree programmes in Education which include: History, Religious Studies, Geography, Economics, Political Science, Accounting and Social studies. Other first degree programmes were later approved in the department. The running of first degree in Educational Management started in 1999/2000,  the running of Adult Education degree programme commenced in 2004/2005 session while Business Education was approved in 2005/2006 academic session. The first set of students in Adult Education graduated in 2007/2008 while the first set of Business Education students graduated in 2008/2009 academic session.

 At present, the department is running both Master’s degree and Ph.D  programmes in: Educational Management, Philosophy of Education. The running of postgraduate degree in Educational Management has started as far back as 1990. The first set of Master’s degree graduated in 1995, while the first set of Ph.D holder graduated in June, 2000.Master degree programme in Philosophy of Education commenced in 1989, the first set of Ph.D started their programme in 1998.The first Ph.D degree holder in Philosophy of Education graduated in 2003.The first set of Ph.D  programme in Physical and Health Education started their programme in 2005/2006, while the first set of  Master’s degree started in  2006/2007.

The Philosophy

The  over-reaching concern of the department is the contribution of its quota to the attainment of the main objective of the Faculty of Education, namely to produce teachers (and other educational personnel) at the Diploma, Graduate and Post-graduate levels who have the mastery of the various subjects combined with a strong academic and professional training in education.



More specifically, the department pursues a three fold objectives.

1.     It handles the foundational components in professional education  which  is designed:

(a)     To provide a broad, general background which will facilitate the acquisition of the specialized competencies in education,

(b)    To acquaint educators in training with specific theories in sociology, Philosophy, Management etc; which are deemed indispensable for the proper education  and orientation of professional educators.

(c)    To introduce educators in training to the basic techniques of research in professional education.

2.    To provide specialist training for teachers of Social Studies.

3.    To provide advanced training for higher degrees in specified foundation areas and management.


Academic Programmes

The department runs Bachelor degree in various disciplines:

Educational Management, Social Studies/Education, Education/Economics, Education/Political Science, Education/Geography, Education/History, Education/Christian Religion Knowledge, Business Education and, Adult Education.

The department also runs Masters and Ph.D programmes in:  Educational Management and Philosophy of Education.

General Information on Service Requirements and Operations

(a)  The H.O.D is the organisational head, the chairman in all meetings, and Chief Examiner of the department in all examinations both undergraduate and postgraduate.  The H.O.D manages the departmental affairs with the use of committees.

(b)   There are different committees in  the department:

(i)          Examination committee,

(ii)         Course allocation committee

(iii)        Business Committee on Results

(iv)        Staff/Students’ welfare committee,

(v)         Postgraduate study committee

(vi)        Publication committee

(vii)       Staff Development Committee

(viii)      Disciplinary Committee


Chairman and members of the different committee are selected through election during the general departmental meetings.  Course advisers are also chosen for computation of students’ results. The various committees often meet periodically, their decisions are sent to the H.O.D who sees to the implementation of the decision through the various committee chairmen. The department also selects members as Department Officers: Examination officers, Student Union Advisers, and Officers in charge of project supervisor allocation.

The department’s interest in research and publication manifest in its departmental journal “Journal of Educational Foundations and Management” (JEFAM), which makes a regular publications of papers on annual basis. The journal is recognized as one of the quality Journals in the University.


Leadership:   The department has been under the leadership of various following leaders since its inception:

Dr. Agyakwa Kofi                             Acting Head (1983-90)

Dr. W.O. Ibukun                               Acting Head (1990-1992)

Dr. I.O Akindutire                            Acting Head (1992-1993)

Dr. W.O. Ibukun                               Acting Head (1993-1994)

Dr. I.O Akindutire                            Acting Head (1994-1997)

Dr. J.A.Adegun                               Acting Head  (1997-1999)

Dr. A. Popoola                                Acting Head  (Aug.-Dec. 1999)

Dr. I.O Akindutire                            Acting Head   (2000)

Dr. J.A.Adegun                               Acting Head   (2000-2002)

Dr. C.O.Kupolati                             Acting Head (Jan. 2002-2004)

Dr. M. Borode                                Acting Head (2004-July 31st 2006)

Dr. (Rev.) J.O. Ayeni                      Acting Head (August 1st 2006-July 31st 2008)

Dr. (Mrs.) C.O.Akomolafe              Acting Head (August 1st 2008-July 2010)

Dr. J.B. Ayodele                           Acting Head (August 2010 to Date)

Prof. I.A. Ajayi                             Head (August 1st 2012 )


Personnel Administration

Staff are encouraged to attend academic seminars and conferences, at both local and international.

Academic staff undergoing postgraduate programmes are encouraged  to complete  their academic programmes on time.  They are also given  opportunity to  assist the  Senior Lecturers in tutorial coaching. Staff are encouraged to embark on regular research and publications to enhance their level of   performance and career  advancement. The department  provides office  facilities their performance. The members of staff have track record of  participation in national and international  conferences.

Students Administration:

Each level is provided with course adviser. The students are instructed to lay complaints to their course advisers on issue of relevant courses, elective(s), extra units, computation of results with subsequent information to the H.O.D. Students should also lay complaints on illness, withdrawal, harassment  and the like to the Head of department.