Ekiti State University has held its 50th Inaugural lecture delivered by Professor Benson Oluwafemi Ademiluyi who is a professor of Plant Eco-Physiology and Protection

   It was a colourful spiced with pomn and accolades at the University Main Auditorium was filled to capacity with dignitaries and group of respectable from far and near which included eminent professors from Nigerian Universities, kinsmen from Aisegba-Ekiti as well as Staff and students of EKSU with well wishers were fully represented.

In his introductory remarks, the Registrar of the University, Barrister Akin Arogundade called upon the Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor (Mrs.) Olubunmi B. Ajayi to present Inaugural Lecturer, Professor Oluwafemi Ademiluyi research book covered about 85 pages and his presentation lasted over one hour which principally addressed significant of Man to plant and plant and soil to man for food production and for human consumption in an eco-system.

In his acknowledgement, the erudite professor could not hesitate to salute the courage of his wife, Mrs. Omolade Adenike Ademiluyi and tenacity of her humanitarian disposition and gesture that he knew her when he was nobody and she stood by her to weather the storm of life.

In her remarks, the Ag. Vice-Chancellor, Professor (Mrs.) Olubunmi B. Ajayi commended the inaugural lecturer and described him as courageous and highly cerebral.

The lengthy profile of the Aisegba-Ekiti born scholar hailed from Aisegba-Ekiti about 50 years to the family of Chief & Mrs. Lawrence Oluwole Ademiluyi.  As a teenager, he began his elementary education from Holy Trinity Primary School, Aisegba-Ekiti and post primary in Aisegba Community Secondary School as that was not enough for his passion for education, he went to University of Ife for his first degree in plant science.  He later went to Federal University, Akure (FUTA) for Phith M.Tech in Crop Science and come down to University of Ado-Ekiti for Ph.D Plant Science in 2004.  In October, 2015, he bag his professorship in plant eco-physiology and protection.

Professor Benson Oluwafemi Ademiluyi, a professor of Plant Eco-Physiology and Protection has unveiled various findings on Eco-Physiological growth Study Plants, weed Ecology management and Plant Protection.

Ademiluyi at the 50th Inaugural lecture titled “Plant Eco-Physiology: Panacea for Plants Healthy Survival for Human Benefit” focused on understanding the Eco-Physiological response of plants to the biotic and abiotic factors in the ecological so as to proffer solutions so the many micro and macro challenges faced by plants.

       The Aisegba born don answers the question of how long seedling must stay in the nursery before transplanting, he carried out a study on the effect of age of seedlings transplants on some plants in South west Nigeria.

The Inaugural lecturer further stated that one of the ancient ways of ensuring nutrients return to the soil is shifting cultivation which allows a person to fallow the soil to reclaim its fertility.

The professor of plant protection concluded his 96 pages lecture by recommending that in order to reduce the hazards associated with synthetic plant production, leguminous plants and other plants capable of adding nutrients should be made to grow on fallow lands to improve soil rather than the costly and hazardous synthetic fertilizer.