A Professor of Educational Management in Ekiti State University, Professor Abiodun Ajayi has observed that Nigeria remains a poor nation despite her vast resources and growing economy.

He made the observation while delivering the 38th Inaugural Lecture. Professor Ajayi said that it was pathetic to note that despite the growing economy of Nigeria the proportion of Nigerians living in
poverty was increasing every year. In his words “The World Bank rated Nigeria’ as one of the fastest
growing emerging economies in the world yet, the country’s level of
poverty is increasing”.

Professor Ajayi stressed that the poor economy of the country has resulted in gross inadequacy of financial, human and materials resources in the education sector. Ajayi in his 71 page lecture entitled “Managing the Education System in a Poverty- Ridden Economy: The Unhealthy Rivalry between Efficiency
and Effectiveness”, noted that the situation led to inadequate funding of the education Sector and haphazard arrangements in infrastructure of institutions as well as poor training of teachers.

He recommended that there should be adequate funding of education in Nigeria, provision of adequate facilities, training and re-training of teachers, strict compliance with prescribed students’ teacher ratio,
effective supervision, and monitoring of schools among others. Professor Ajayi further recommended the establishment of the contributory education fund to take care of the sector.

Speaking at the occasion, the Vice-Chancellor of Ekiti State University, Professor Patrick Oladipo Aina stressed that the Federal and State Government should take the issue of funding of education as
a priority by allocating a huge amount of money to the sector as being done in developed countries.

Professor Aina congratulated the Inaugural Lecturer for his brilliant lecture and wish him well.
Several dignitaries including traditional rulers and stakeholders in education sector were at the occasion.