It was cheers and congratulations all the way as the Vice-Chancellor of Ekiti State University, an erudite Scientist; Professor Patrick Oladipo Aina was officially inducted as Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 in Abuja.

He was among 10 other notable Scientists honoured at a grand ceremony in Abuja. Professor  Aina, according to his citation at the occasion, graduated with a first class degree in Soil Science from Obafemi Awolowo University in 1972 and earned a Ph.D. in Soil Physics from Ohio State University in 1977. He became a Professor of Soil Physics in 1989. Over the years, Prof. Aina had been engaged in Agronomy-Soil investigations which according to the Nigerian Academy of Science, yielded high quality publications. Professor Aina has made notable contributions to the broad fields of the Physics of Soil environment, soil processes and dynamics in relation to tillage-induced changes in Soil quality as indicated by soil structure and productivity. He is also commended for his research on soil erosion processes, soil water retention, transmission and use efficiency of crops, assimilative capacity of soils to pollutants and environmental quality.

The EKSU Vice-Chancellor was described as a scholar who has extended the frontiers of knowledge with the understanding of the responses of soils to land-use and management practices in the tropical agro-ecosystem. Professor Aina, according to the body of Scientists, initiated pioneering studies that elucidated changes in the quality of soil in the course of land-use conversion from natural to agricultural ecosystems.

Shortly, after the ceremony which was attended by his wife, Professor Olabisi Aina, two of his Children, several Professors and many Non-teaching Staff of EKSU including Union Leaders expressed gratitude to God over the recognition. According to him, becoming a Fellow means that all his research and contributions to the field of Science had been recognized. He promised to continue his cutting-edge research in Science.

Professor Oladipo Aina became the Vice-Chancellor of EKSU on 2nd December, 2011 and he is a consultant to several bodies in the field of Science worldwide.

Shortly before the induction, a lecture titled: “Achieving an end to the Aids Epidemic- Laying the Ground Work” was delivered by Professor John Alechenu Idoko, the Director General, National Agency for the controls of AIDS, (NACA).

The Lecturer declared at the occasion that Aids could be prevented or managed through Biomedical, Behavioural and Structural approach.