The Department of English and Literary Studies was one of the two Departments, History being the second one, established at the very inception of the University in 1982. Meanwhile, academic activities did not begin at the University until January 10, 1983 and 40 students were registered as pioneer students of the Faculty.

The lecturers who piloted the affairs of the Department during the first year were:

Dr. A. O.  Ashaolu – Senior Lecturer and Acting Head of Department.

Dr. Ropo Sekoni – Senior Lecturer ( On Sabbatical leave from Unilorin)

Dr. R. O. Atoye – Senior Lecturer ( On Sabbatical leave from Unife now OAU)

Mr. E. B. Uwat – Assistant Lecturer

Today, the Department has two Professors: Professor R.O. Atoye, Professor E.T. O. Bamisaye; three Readers: Dr. V. O. Ogbeide, Dr. S. A. Dada, Dr. O. M. Owolabi; two Senior Lecturers: Dr. Mrs. O.K. Owoeye and Dr. S.O. Afolayan, two Lecturer I: Dr. G. A. Ojo and Mr. A. R. Adewusi; two Lecturer II:, Dr. O. Ogunrotimi and Dr. S.A. Omotunde and two Assistant Lecturers: Mr. O. Bamigboye and Mr. A. O. T. Jemiriye. Students’ population in the Department is about 700.



Our philosophy is to promote and uphold the values of a University Degree in English which meets national and universal objectives in content and context. We have therefore, devised our curriculum along the mainstream structural literary, language and applied linguistics in order to achieve the stated objectives.

Thus, our graduates should fit into almost any areas of the labour market which employs graduates – Government, Education, Mass Media, Armed Forces, etcetera.


The Department seeks to provide its students with a sound knowledge of the English Language and of Literature written in English, emphasis is placed on the study of English as a second languages and Literature produced in that language by Africans and their counterparts in the Diaspora. Students are also exposed to the methodology of critical analysis of literary texts, and are encouraged to attempt a practical application of the language in critical essay and creative writing.

The scope of the course in English and Literature (Oral and Writing) is designed in the hope that ultimately when the students graduate they will be adequately equipped with a rich store of knowledge such as would enable them to face the challenges of advanced literary studies, or to cope with the demands of the different professions, the public service and the corporations. For the attainment of these goals, the department will specifically strike through a balance combination of course to:

  1. Establish and develop the skills of its students in basic language usage;
  2. Expose its students to various forms of literature, both oral and written, in English or translated into English.
  3. Help its students, through systematic training, to develop a sound critical judgment; and
  4. Encourage its students to apply their knowledge of English usage and Literature in English in their own imaginative creative writing.

List of Previous Heads of Departments

  1. Dr. (Later Prof.) A. O. Ashaolu ( Foundation H. O. D)
  2. Dr. Oyin Ogunba
  3. Prof. D. O. Olagoke ( at various times)
  4. Dr. Z. A. Adejumo
  5. Dr. C. A. Ibitoye  – various times
  6. Dr. T. O. Bamisaye  – various times
  7. Dr. V. O. Ogbeide
  8. Dr. S. A. Dada



The department offers a combination of undergraduate courses leading to the award of the B.A. degree in English. Students are required to register for and pass the prescribed compulsory language and literature courses plus their subsidiary course in the faculties of Arts and Social Sciences as may be deemed relevant. It also offers a combined Honors degree programme whereby English may be combined with certain subjects within the faculty of Arts.


To be admitted into the four-year degree programme in English, candidate must, in addition to satisfying the described university entry requirements, have a Credit pass in English Language and Literature in English at the Ordinary Level of the G.C.E. Examination. Or a Credit pass in the subjects at the WASC/SSCE Examination.


M.A. Candidates are required to possess a minimum of a Second Class Lower degree, with adequate coverage of the areas of studies in language of literature comparable with the undergraduate programme of studies in English at Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti. A good degree in Linguistics, Education (English), Communications and Language Arts, or any other adequately related discipline may be considered for the purpose of admission into the M.A. Programme in the Department.

PhD candidates shall normally hold an M.A. degree from Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti or any other University recognized by the Senate of EKSU, provided the weighted average score is not less than 60%. Holders of the M.Phil degree with a minimum weighted average score of 50% shall also be eligible for admission into the doctorate programme.