Entrepreneurship CentreThe EKSU Entrepreneurship Centre is established primarily to provide Entrepreneurship training, education and research in the University.  It designed to run  entrepreneurship  programme  as  all-semester  courses  and  compulsory  for  all students  of the  University  irrespective  of  the  chosen  field  of  Study.  All students are expected  to  participate  in  both  theoretical  and  practical  aspects  of  the  programme.

The  operations  of  the  programme  are  housed  in  the  Entrepreneurship Centre  (EKSU-ESC).



The EKSU-ESC Vision is to empower student with entrepreneurial ability  and  capacity  in  a  bid  to  make  them  productive  and  contribute  significantly toward sustainable  national  socio-economic  and  human  development.


The  mission  is  to  inculcate  entrepreneurial  spirit,  skills  and  knowledge  in the University graduates and interested participants with a view to empowering them to become wealth-creators and  self-sustained.


Objectives of the Centre

The  establishment  of  the  Entrepreneurship Centre  is in  line  with  the    directive  of  the  Federal  Government  that  entrepreneurship  education  be  inculcated  in  the   curriculum  of  all  Nigeria  Universities  for  all  students  irrespective  of  their  courses  of   study.  This  will  also  help  to  actualize  the  philosophy,  vision  and  goal  of  Ekiti  State    University.

The specific objectives of the EKSU-ESC are to:

1.   Providing opportunities for entrepreneurial education in the University.

2.   Imparting entrepreneurial skills in students, staffs, and members of the external Community.

3.   Creating and promoting entrepreneurial awareness and opportunities within and outside the University environment

4.   Enhancing  the  capacity  potential  and  practicing  entrepreneurs  who  desire  to  learn practical  entrepreneurial  skills;

5.    Providing  supportive  programmes  to  SME  operators  in  the  community  as  well  as       mentoring their  activities.

6.  Making  employers  of  labour  in  the  EKSU  graduates,  thereby  reducing  the  level  of  unemployment in  the  country.

7.   Contributing  to  and  enhancing  the  development  and  growth  of  entrepreneurship in  the  country

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