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We assist and support the Registrar to provide effective service delivery to academic members of staff towards achieving the overall goals of the University which is for service and integrity.
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The old Establishment Division was one of the earliest Divisions of the Registry at the inception of this University in 1982. It was, however, split on April 6, 2006 into two divisions, comprising Academic (Establishment) and Non-Academic (Establishment). The following members of staff at one time or the other have been the Head of Establishment Academic Division: The past leadership of the Division include the following: Mr. T. O. Fagbemiro – Deputy Registrar (6th   April, 2006 – 19th May, 2008), Mr. M. O. Odeyemi – Principal Assistant Registrar (20th May, 2008 – 4th August, 2008), Mrs. O. O. Ogunleye – Principal Assistant Registrar  (5th August, 2008 – 31st December, 2008) and Mr. J.  E. T. Babatola – Senior Assistant Registrar  (1st January, 2009 – 4th July, 2009). The present Head of the Division is Mr. Ayo Olatunde, who was redeployed to the Division with effect from 1st July, 2009, and fully took over leadership after Mr. J. E. T. Babatola has handed over to him on 4th July, 2009.
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Objectives of the Division
Effective and efficient service delivery system in respect of academic staff matters.
1.    To advise in the applications of the rules and regulations guiding the appointment and promotions of academic staff in the University.
2.    To assist in the general interpretation of the rules and regulations in other staff matters including disciplinary matters.
3.    To advise members of staff on matters relating to appointment in the University.
4.    To guide newly recruited members of staff in matters of appointment.
5.    To keep records of staff and make it available to the Management for official purpose.

Schedule of the Division

1.    Appointments and Promotions Committee Matters
(a)  Preparation of A & P papers – writing of brief on the papers, collation of papers and circulation of A & P folders.
(b)  Making contact with A & P members in respect of meetings and payment of their allowances.
(c)  Writing of the minutes of A & P meetings.
(d)  Communicating decisions of A & P meetings.
(e)  Issuance of letters of Promotions and Confirmation.
(f)   Representing the Division at the Faculty review meetings in respect of promotions (first and second levels).
(g)  Liaising with the University Guest House and other catering service provider for refreshment during the A & P meetings.
(h)   Keeping records of the various minutes of meetings of the Appointments and Promotions Committee.
(i)    Make request for cash advance to service the committee meeting.
(j)    Preparation of reports of A & P for council approval/ratification.

2.    Recruitment/Personnel Matters
(a)   Preparation of advertisement in respect of vacant academic positions in the University. 
(b)   Collation of solicited and unsolicited applications received and sending it to the various Faculties/Departments for shortlisting.
(c)    Preparation of shortlisted applications for interview.
(d)    Invitation of shortlisted candidates for interview.
(e)    Handling cash advance in respect of interview matters. 
(f)    Making contact with consultants and payment of the consultant honoraria.
(g)    Issuance of letters of appointments to newly recruited staff. 
(h)    Handling issuance of academic members of staff identity card.
(i)    Preparation of academic members of staff list.
(j)    Providing relevant information for newly recruited staff.
(k)    Issuance of letters of appointments: regular appointment, temporary appointment, contract appointment, part-time lecturer and adjunct lecturer.
(l)    Communicating decisions on letters of resignation of appointment, withdrawal of service and termination of appointment,
(m)    Handling issues of adjustment of salary.
(n)    Interpreting various Government circulars and University circulars on personal matters.

3.    Training/Leave Matters
(a)    Communicating decision of training/Study leave of academic staff.
(b)    Handling sabbatical leave, research leave and fellowship grant in respect of academic staff.
(c)    Handling sponsorship for post graduate programmes in respect of academic staff.
(d)    Handling leave of absence in respect of academic staff.
(e)    Keeping records of staff on training/study leave.
(f)    Handling matters on bond form.

4.    Staff Welfare Matters
(a)    Handling letters of introduction/recommendation to various Establishment/Organization.
(b)    Handling matter relating to expatriates in the organization.
(c)    Handling transfer of service in respect of academic members of staff.
(d)    Handling annual leave and maternity leave matters.
(e)    Arrangement of hotel accommodation for External Examiners.
(f)    Arrangement of accommodation for newly recruited senior academic members of staff.
(g)    Handling issues relating to conditions of service.

General Information on the Organs and Activities of the Department

Official organs and Schedule Officers
The Division is under the direct supervision of the Registrar.  There are four units in the Division namely:
1.    Appointments and Promotions Committee matters unit.
2.    Recruitment/Personnel.
3.    Training/ Leave Matters.
4.    Staff Welfare.

The Head of the Division is the Secretary to the Appointments and Promotions Committee and he is also Secretary to the Academic Staff Disciplinary Committee. He is in charge of all the activities of the Division and supervises other officers in the Division. There are also three key officers as the Heads of units in the Division. The following officers are the Heads of Units in the Division:
–    Mr. I. K. Falade – In charge of staff welfare matters.
–    Mr. L. S. Ibimilua – In charge of Training/Leave matters.
–    Mr. J. K. Akomolafe – In charge of Appointments and Promotions Committee matters.
There is no officer yet to head the recruitment and personnel matters, the responsibilities pertaining to this unit is being shared by the officers in the Division.         

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