A rare achievement has been recorded in the quest of the Nigerian Nation to effectively protect lives and property of citizens. It is an open secret that Nigeria in recent history has struggled to achieve significant improvement in curbing criminality, lawlessness and indiscipline while other advanced and developing nations had shown exemplary strength in the area of checking crimes and criminality.

To the rescue of the nation is the “Integrated Electronic Policing System” which is the result of years of hard work and huge intellectual and financial investment of a university don, Engr. Dr. Fagbohun Olumuyiwa Oludare of Ekiti State University who has invented an electronic policing machine called “INTPOLICE DEVICE”.

According to the Ekiti State University Don, who is currently the head of department, electrical electronics, faculty of Engineering, the “Intpolice Device is a fully backed intelligence based, mirrored electronic gateway and obsequent follower, between the citizen, the law enforcement and government agencies; with vast integrated synergy platforms; for the maintenance of law and order as well as breaches curtailment in the actualization of a peaceful and prosperous environment in real time.

This device will ultimately reduce acts of indiscipline, lawlessness, impunity and criminality nationwide. It will support easy and timely crime detection as well as to curtail influx of foreigners without records.

It will eliminate the challenges of combating vehicle theft and robberies of all sorts, traffic offences and violations and to reduce incessant infringement on human rights.

Dr. Fagbohun also said the integrated Electronic Policing System will also checkmate security agencies excesses as well as security breaches by citizens while it will reduce tax evasion and can also detect certificate forgeries in academic environment.

Following through assessment and trials, the Federal Government in a letter signed by former President Goodluck Jonathan on February 25, 2014 approved the patent right during the term of twenty years to Dr. Fagbohun Oludare to enjoy the sole use and exercise and fill benefit of the invention in Nigeria.

 The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oladipo Aina said Dr. Fagbohun has placed the name of the University on the International map of Engineering inventions.

Prof. Aina commended the Faculty of Engineering and assured them of his support for more inventions adding that this rare achievement has further cemented the position of Ekiti State University as one of the best Universities in Nigeria.