Known as the Obafemi Awolowo University Library as it then was, the University of Ado-Ekiti (Now Ekiti State University) Library started when the University was established in 1982. It started in a rented apartment in a storey building opposite the University Teaching Hospital in Ado-Ekiti. The University Library moved to the mini-campus as the present location of the University was then called in 1995 under the headship of the pioneer University Librarian, Mr. J.A Arikenbi. By 1990, the reasons to have an extension to the University Library became evident and this was accomplished. The extension gave birth to a separate Law Library, a larger research library, three senior staff offices and a more functional circulation outfit.
In 1999, the Library lost about 70% of its work force, including the then University Librarian, to the newly Established Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State. Mr. G.O Ogunleye, the then Deputy University Librarian was appointed Acting University Librarian and became substantive University Librarian in 2002. Earlier in 2001, the University management had decided that a modern University Library should be put in place and would be delivered in three phases. In 2005, the Law Library relocated to a separate LawLibrary Building in the Faculty of Law premises on the demand of the Council of Legal Education. In 2007, the first of the three phases of the new University Library became available for occupation and was immediately put into use.
The University Library maintains three shifts as follows:
Morning Shift: 8.00 am – 4.00 pm
Afternoon Shift: 10.30 am – 6.30 am
Evening Shift: 2.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Any deviations from these times will be displayed on the Library’s notice board.
Users of the Library
The following categories of people can use the library:
(a) Members of the University Council;
(b) All senior members of staff of the University;
(c) All students of the University;
(d) Graduates of the University of Ado-Ekiti, who may use if for reference only;
(e) Students attending seminars, conferences or part-time courses in the University
Can use the Library for reference only;
(f) Any other person permitted by the University Librarian.
Library users must not mark, tear or damage in any way, books, documents, periodicals, furniture, etc, belonging to the Library. Any reader who inadvertently damages books belonging to the Library should report such damage immediately to the Circulation Librarian or any other Librarian.
Loss of books by users should be reported immediately. Users may be required to present a new replacement copy or pay for replacement. If, however, the book is recovered after payment had been made, the recovered book must be returned to the library and it would remain the property of the library.
Cases of book theft established against users shall be reported to the Vice-Chancellor who in turn will report the case to the appropriate Disciplinary Committee for necessary action.
Return of Books
(a) Books must be returned on the day the loan expires or earlier. Overdue books attract a fine of a prescribed amount of money per day per book, and the reader, in addition, may be disallowed from borrowing any more books.
(b) Books borrowed by undergraduate students must be returned on or before the Monday of
the last week of each semester.
(c) All books borrowed by senior members of staff must be returned before they proceed on vacation leave, study leave or retirement.
(d) All books on loan must be returned to the library for checking at the end of the session.
Vacation Borrowing
Students may borrow a prescribed number of books during the first semester break only. Such  Books must be returned on the first day of the second semester.
Any book on loan may be reserved by a reader by completing a reservation form. When the book is available the reader is informed and allowed three days within which to collect it. After that, the book will be returned to the shelf.
General Regulation
(a) Quiet must be observed in and around the Library.
(b) Order conduct must be maintained at all times and in all parts of the Library
(c) Brief cases, umbrellas, sticks, bags, water-proofs etc, must b e left in the place provided for them.
(d) No book may be marked, defaced or damaged in any way. Readers are held responsible for any injury to any book in their charge and must pay for any loss or damage.
(e) All staff and readers must show to the official at the control point any books and papers they are carrying.
(f) The use of any naked light is prohibited in the Library.
(g) Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed in the Library.
(h) Seats cannot be reserved by users for other users.
(i) Access to rooms marked “Staff Only” or “Private” is restricted.
(j) Pets shall not be brought into the Library.
(k) The use of cell phone in the Library is prohibited.
The University Librarian is empowered to suspend any person who flagrantly infringes the regulations of the Library from the use of any or all of the Library’s services.