The Vice-Chancellor of Ekiti State University (EKSU), Prof. Samuel Oye Bandele has declared that all first and final year students will, compulsorily, live on campus when hostels under construction are completed. He said this could be as from next session. He said this during a press briefing on campus.

Prof. Bandele stated that he knew the problems the University was battling with because of his experience as an insider and a staff before becoming the Vice-Chancellor. He stressed that the idea was in line with the vision to transform the University to a prestigious citadel of learning.

The Vice-Chancellor said that the University has a lot of resources, ideas, skills and knowledge at its disposal that could easily become wealth with the right implementation adding that the two summits held recently on Academic and Internally Revenue Generation have revealed this.

Prof. Samuel Oye Bandele said that the Part Time Programme has now undergone changes due to the uprooting of the corrupt elements there shortly after his appointment. “Integrity is now recognized once again and there will be no room for manipulation of results anymore”, he declared.

When asked why some staff were relieved of their posts and later reinstated the Vice-Chancellor said that after his appointment and prior to assumption of work, appointments were still being made under the administration of the former Vice-Chancellor. The Governing Council later cancelled those appointments. Later, the University needed them and they were made to pass through some interactions before being re-instated. “This means they were not sacked” he said.

The Vice-Chancellor announced at the occasion that the University website has been re-positioned to the extent that the University portal has been very active. “Today, for the first time, Ekiti State University students can register anywhere in the world and results can be uploaded and checked on the portal,” Professor Bandele said.

Talking about late admissions for some students, the Vice-Chancellor said “everyone knows where they belong. So those that were given late admissions will have a lot more pressure to work harder than those that were admitted earlier, and this will not affect the academic calendar”.

On the introduction of Certificates and Diploma Programmes, the Vice-Chancellor stressed that as a University, EKSU could run any programme. “TheUniversity is an academic environment and it is for research and community development. So the University is looking for ways to teach indigenes the modern way of doing their jobs. It is for community development and it is part of the mission and vision of the University,” he said.