The Institute of Education was established in 1987/88 academic session under the Ondo State University. Act 4 sub-section 1 of 1982 as an Educational and Academic Unit of the University. Up till 2000/2001 Academic Session, the Institute was running sandwich Degree Programme at the same time teaching Courses at the regular programme of the Faculty’s Cognate Department according to the area of specialization of the members of staff.

However, a major change in policy was effected on the Institute of Education in May, 2002 by the University of Ado-Ekiti.  That change transferred the Sandwich programme to the Faculty of Education under new management while the Institute was made to concentrate on teaching and research in three major disciplines which are Nursery and Primary Education, Computer Science Education for the Bachelor’s Degree, the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and M.Ed and Ph.D in Social Studies on a regular basis.

In addition, the Institute’s efforts are exemplified through regular publication of Journals, Magazines and Organization of annual workshop.  For example publications, titled “Tropical Issues in Research and Evaluation” “Occasional publication and Education Focus” are published annually, while workshop a Research and Evaluation which embraces the participation of many University scholars is promoted and monitored in selected Nigerian Universities from year to year.


Mission of the Institute of Education:

(a)    The mission of the Institute of Education is to train and retrain teachers in both primary and secondary school to meet the challenges of modern pedagogical skills

(b)   To produce teachers who are competent in information Communication Technology (ICT) with specific reference to e-learning and e-examination,

(c)    To develop academic programmes for the Faculty of Education leading to quality teacher education.

(d)   To organize teaching Practice for eligible undergraduate in the Faculty of Education.

(e)    To accept assess and publish quality research in all educational disciplines.

(f)    To monitor and evaluate all academic programme in sandwich and affiliate colleges.

(g)   To organize Conferences and Seminar on current topical issues in educational sector.


Goals and Objectives of the Institute of Education

The objectives of the Department are to:

i           Produce qualified and competent graduate teachers in Computer Education for the Management of Information Communication Technology (ICT) at all levels of education system in Nigeria, especially in the areas of e-learning and e-examination.

ii          Produce qualified and competent graduate teachers to teach in Nursery and Primary Education sector for the realization of the Nation’s goals with regards to Universal Basic Education which emphasize the acquisition of the appropriate levels of literacy., numeracy, manipulative, communicative and life skills as well as well the ethical, moral and civic values needed for solid foundation for life long learning.

iii         Produce professionally qualified teachers through Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Programme for graduate teachers without teaching qualifications.

iv         Run a two year of four semester programme leading to the award of Diploma in Mathematics/Education, Physics/Education, Chemistry/Education and Biology/Education for holders of WASCE/GCE.