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Members of our Governing Council,

Deputy Vice-Chancellors,



University Librarian,



Directors of Academic Programmes,

Other Directors,

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Gentlemen of the Press,

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With gratitude to God for His infinite mercy towards us all.  He has made all things beautiful in His time.  Today, we are gathered in furtherance of our collective vision to rebrand our University.  Last week between 26th and 28th January, 2016 the first leg of the Summits was held.  It was a huge success.  Many challenges were raised and solutions proffered.  By now, the Prof. P. O. Oladele’s Committee must be in the process of submitting their final reports and recommendations.

University education is an important subsector in the developmental science of the nation.  The goal of university education should be to produce qualified  personnel from all human endeavours that is required for national development.  In order to effectively carry out its tripartite mandate of teaching, research and community development (service), certain elements that contribute to the existence of the university must be present.  Apart from the fact that university should live up to its mandate, it should equally serve as role model and sets the pace for the other sectors of national economies to follow.  This could only be achieved when all hands are on deck. Thus, this Summit is very germaine to the existence of this University. Following these two summits, I believe strongly that Ekiti State University shall be on the path of  buoyancy on a sustainable basis.  It is often said that talk is cheap, Consequently, I assure everyone that the efforts put into the two Summits will never be wasted.  Collectively we must strive to translate the vision to reality.

The basis for the Academic Summit

Professor Peter Okebukola once said that “Since the early 10th century and by virtue of their “universitas” conceptual deviation, universities are topically primed to serve the global rather than the local community.  This underlines the need for scholars in the university system to apply their teaching and research skill to address problems of humanity in general and secondarily, to the socio-economic context to which the university is immersed.” Therefore, Ekiti State University must of necessity key fully into this vision.  Just as I said earlier in my inauguration speech, a good harvest will follow hard work.  This administration will reward excellence, diligence and integrity.

Mission of the University

The mission of our University is “to provide a high quality educational experience shaped by outstanding teaching and cutting edge research that benefit cultures, societies and the economics”.


It is a fact, that for Ekiti State University to achieve greatness in the highly competitive world University system, there is an urgent need to put a prime focus on our core values of academic integrity and pursuance of excellence in teaching research and community services.


The future of our University lies essentially in our hands.  What we do today has a lot of impact on what becomes of Ekiti State University in the near future.  The students will ultimately graduate and showcase the stuff our University is made of.   We cannot but give our best in terms of quality teaching and services.   These three days of the Academic Summit must be used to chart a new course of action for this University.  The solutions so proffered should be such that will make Ekiti State University the first choice of candidates both at the first and higher degree levels.

Graduates of this institution must be proud to refer to us as having done our best to make them


In Conclusion

I must affirm that the seed for greatness is already sown in us.  Douglas McGregor, that Professor of Management, known for his Management theories X and Y once said that “The motivation, the potential for development, the capacity for assuring responsibility are all present in people.  Management does not put them there”.


Therefore, I am absolutely certain that the capacity to transform the academic landscape of this University is already with us.


Thank you for listening.



Prof. Samuel Oye Bandele