In to the fire

Fire and/or explosion could have major consequences on the people, asset, environment and company reputation. It is therefore important to understand possible fire scenarios that could occur in the life of a facility in order to design against it.  The approach to managing fire and explosion hazards ranges from Inherent safety, prevention, detection through to mitigation and emergency response. The optimum method is to combine one of more of measures.

Beyond Energy have experience in providing solutions in Fire and Explosion Consequence Modelling and developing Fire and Explosion management strategy. Beyond Energy has participated in proposing and participating in practical risk reduction measures that yield results.  Our solutions are:

  • Fire and explosion consequence modelling using software and from first principle
  • Fire and Explosion Strategy and Consultancy
  • Passive/Active Fire Protection
  • Fire and Gas detector definition and Mapping
  • Emergency response procedure, planning and systems

Our method is not just to deliver the solutions but also empower our clients through effective collaboration and training to assure enthusiastic ownership.