We are a College established to promote, administer and regulate the teaching, research, examination and community service in the field of Medical and such allied professions and conduct of special training course taking into account requirements of the State Ministry of Education and of Health and the conduct of research, with reference to research in Medical Science, provision of health care at primary, secondary and tertiary levels in Ekiti State and its environs and arrangement of conferences, seminars, study groups and other similar activities in the field of Medical Sciences.

A brief History of the Creation, Past and Current Leadership of the Department

The idea of establishing a College of Medicine at the University was mooted right from the take-off of the University in 1981.  Indeed, not only was its suggested location and phasing spelt out in line with the multi-campus philosophy of the University then in vogue, its primary objectives, curricular development, enrolment structure, manpower scenario and cost implication was all outlined even at that stage. As things later turned out, while the faculties of Arts, Social, Education, Social Sciences.  Engineering, Law, Management Sciences and Agricultural Sciences took off, the College of Medicine took-off about two decades after the idea of setting it up was mooted.

The College of Medicine, University of Ado-Ekiti was established in October 2001.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the State Government suspended the scheme and promised to review it at a later date.  The Provost of the College then was Professor D. D. O. Oyebola while Mrs. B. A. Oloketuyi served as the Secretary. The State Government in 2007 decided to reinstate the College and reflected its desire to do so in its 2007 and 2008 budgets by making fiscal provisions for the take-off.  The State at the same time established the University Teaching Hospital which took off on the 14th January 2008.

The Council of the University consequent upon the advice of the Visitor to the University, decided to appoint a Provost for the College of Medicine with the hope of starting academic programmes in Medicine with effect from 2009/2010 session.  The statute of the College was signed into law by His Excellency, Engr. Adebayo Olusegun Oni, the Executive Governor of Ekiti State on the 28th November, 2008.  The Provost, Professor G. J.F. Esan, a Specialist Hematologist assumed duty on April 14, 2009 and commenced preliminary works for the take-off.

General Information on the Framework and Services of the Department:

Objectives of the College:

(a)    To provide courses of instruction leading to the award of Degree, Diplomas, Certificate and other University distinctions in the Medical and such allied professions as the University Senate may prescribed;
(b)    To provide special training course,, whether leading to University distinctions  or not, taking into account at all times the requirements of the State University of Education and Ministry of Health;
(c)    To conduct research, with particular reference to research in the field of Medical Science;
(d)    To provide health care at primary, secondary and tertiary levels throughout Ekiti State and its environs;
(e)    To organize conferences, seminars, study groups and other similar activities in the field of Medical Sciences.

The College has taken off with two Faculties viz:
a.    Faculty of Basic and Allied Medicine – Department of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pathology (Morbid Anatomy), and Physiology

b.    Faculty of Clinical Sciences – Department of Epidemiology and Community Health, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Surgery. 

Admission Requirements

(a)    Direct Entry
(i)    ‘A’ level passes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Zoology in addition to UME requirements.
(ii)    B.Sc. in relevant fields.
(b)    UME
(i)    Five ‘O’ level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
(c)    UME SUBJECTS:    Physics, Chemistry and Biology

General Information on the Organs and Activities of the Department

Structure of the College and order of Responsibility
The College is established as an integral part of the University of Ado-Ekiti, which itself is a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal and power to sue and be sued in its corporate names.  The College when fully developed shall consist of the following:
(a)    Faculties and Institutes
(b)    The University Teaching Hospital
(c)    College Administration
(d)    Finance and Accounts (Bursary) Division
(e)    Internal Audit
(f)    Medical Library
(g)    Works and Maintenance Services Division and
(h)    Other Service Units


Status of the College
The College shall be responsible to the University Senate on all academic matters:-

  1. As regards professional matters, it shall be subject to the overall control of the State Ministry of Health and the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN).

b.    In matters relating to finance, the College shall be self-accounting but responsible through the Vice-Chancellor to the Court of Governors and the University Council.

Ranks, Status, Qualification, Telephone and E-mail Address of Schedule Officers:








Professor G. J. F. Esan

Provost, College of Medicine

08056615994, 07032658631



Mr. S. A. Ajiboye

Deputy Registrar/Secretary

0803580781, 08057444704