nafdac As part of ongoing inspection and registration process towards achieving NAFDAC registration for the EKSU Natural Water Company, officials of NAFDAC have visited the University for the advance inspection leading to certification and legal registration of EKSU Natural Water Company fit for consumption.

Leading the Team is the Assistant Chief Inspection Officer, Yemisi Andoakaa who informed the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Samuel Oye Bandele that NAFDAC is ready to offer support for the EKSU Water Project adding that standard must be adhered to in order to ensure perfection.

Mrs. Yemis Andoakaa insisted that NAFDAC does not compromise standard because the health of the people is priority, she however commended the University for investing rightly and for purchasing the right equipment.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Samuel Oye Bandele explained that the University set out to provide the best table water in the city which will be patronized due to its purity and safety.

Prof. Bandele encouraged the Team to inspect the facilities and give an unbiased report.

The  Team thereafter inspected the Water Company, asking critical questions from the production manager and also offering suggestions.