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The pressure of production or performance target, financial constraints and the complexity of the organisation could make achieving good occupational health and Safety aspect of work challenging and daunting. However, there are some powerful incentives for organisations to strive for high health and safety standards.

That is why Beyond Energy is committed to providing our clients with the best health, safety and environment management systems and solutions to meet their HSE challenges efficiently and cost effectively.  Beyond Energy provides range of services which includes the following:

  • Development of Health, Safety and Environment Management systems
  • Risk / hazard assessments and surveys
  • Accident / Incident investigations
  • Development of safety culture
  • Auditing and Review
  • Emergency planning and preparedness
  • Training program development
  • Occupational hygiene services
  • Hazardous materials management
  • Plant decommissioning

We assist our client to development a HSE Management Systems that drives continual improvement in HSE performance and legal compliance. Beyond Energy delivers a safety systems that aligns with the requirements of ISO 14001, the Environmental Management System standard, OHSAS 18001, the Health and Safety Management System standard, and ISO 9001, the Quality Management System standard.

Beyond Energy team works closely with clients to develop well planned and cost-effective programs to prevent uncontrolled releases of hazardous materials and protect occupants from exposures to hazardous materials. We offer a wide range of occupational hygiene services under the direction of certified and registered hygiene and safety professionals.

Employees are more likely to recognise and act upon hazardous work conditions posing threat to themselves and their co-worker when a company has a mature safety culture. Beyond Energy offers great experience in implementation of visible safety culture within an organisation. We have good strategy of engaging the leadership and encouraging employees in the implementation of safer altitude and behaviours.