Sequel to the reduction of tuition fees for Regular undergraduate students of Ekiti State University by the Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Ayodele Fayose from Fifty Thousand (N50,000.00) naira to Thirty Thousand (N30,000.00) naira, the University Management has directed that students should observe the following procedure on the payment of tuition fees and other charges:

 1.    Students are to log on to the University website, or with their usernames and passwords.

2.    Students should generate and print their payment invoice indicating the details of their payment, which they are to present at any of the designated banks to enable them pay the indicated fees.

3.    After payment at the bank, students are to return to the University portal to print their receipts (tuition and other charges)


4.   Students should thereafter proceed to register their courses on the portal accordingly.

5.    Students are to pay their Departmental and Faculty dues at the respective faculties.


Please note that the tuition fees may be paid twice.


E. A. Ogunyemi