A renowned Geologist, Professor Oluwafeyisola Sylvester Adegoke has added his voice to an overhaul in the Nigerian University System to include virile entrepreneurial Culture. He also advocated that entrepreneurial studies should be introduced in Primary and secondary schools. Delivering the 20th Ekiti State University Convocation Lecture, titled: “The Entrepreneurship Education Initiative: Implication for Higher Education Administration in Nigeria”. Professor Adekoge noted that students of higher institutions should take interest in entrepreneurship to the extent that after graduation they would likely become employers of labour instead of seeking for government jobs that are not available.

Professor Adegoke who delivered the Lecture at the Main Auditorium of Ekiti State University, Entrepreneurship Education seeks to provide students with the knowledge, skills and motivation to embrace entrepreneurial challenge in variety of settings.

Citing several examples of the World-class universities with successful entrepreneurship achievements, Professor Adegoke urged Nigeria Students and Youths to look inward and set up small manufacturing businesses to counter the present situation where Nigerians are over the world importing foods, drinks and junk gifts using up scarce foreign exchange in the process.

The Geologist mentioned several areas where Youths could start small manufacturing business such as local foods and drinks, flowers, artisanal equipment, hair attachments, farming tools and tailoring and among others.

In his view, “the national goal should be that not less than 25-30% of our youths who attend the Universities and other higher educational institutions should cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit at graduation”.

Professor Adegoke was of the belief that these entrepreneurs through creation of start-ups, would later provide employment for a significant number of other less entrepreneurial colleagues.

Using his life-experience as a guide in the 32-page lecture, the astute scholar urged universities to set up Consultancy services which would generate funds stressing that governments might not be able to provide all funds to Universities.

Professor Adegoke who bemoaned the situation whereby many industries became moribund and turned Event Centres challenged the youths to wake-up and revive such industries particularly in Lagos. He commended the Management of Ekiti State University for making bold steps to make the institution a world class University noting that the structures in Ekiti State University today were amazing and functional.

In his remarks, the EKSU Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Patrick Oladipo Aina noted that Professor Adegoke lecture was unique, interesting and enriched with a life experience.

He said Professor Adegoke has been a concept in academic throughout the world.