A  Professor of Food Chemistry, Emmanuel Ilesanmi Adeyeye has urged the Federal Government to establish a composition unit, food standards Programme under Codex Alimentarius Commission in the Federal Ministry of Health. This according to him will enable government to properly monitor the suitability or otherwise of what the people consume.

Professor Adeyeye made the recommendation while delivering the 39th Inaugural Lecture of Ekiti State University entitled: “You are What You Eat” inside the Main Auditorium of the institution.

He also suggested that the Federal and State Governments should establish ministries of Research with the primary objectives of getting the right food for the people.

Professor Adeyeye warned Nigerians to desist from eating junk foods which are harmful to human development.

He warned petty traders to stop displaying bottled drinks, fruits and vegetables in the sun and along the road, stressing that such attitude normally leads to loss of Vitamin C in the displayed food items.

Professor of Food Chemistry warned Nigerians to avoid consumption of raw eggs because such egg could be contaminated.

In his 135 – page lecture Professor Adeyeye canvassed that eating properly was a matter of consuming proper and balanced diets.

“Proper nutrition is not simply a matter of how much, but also of what kind of food a person consumes”, he stressed.

Commenting on the Lecture, the Vice-Chancellor of Ekiti State University, Professor Patrick Oladipo Aina, FAS urged the federal and state governments to take the professor’s recommendations seriously.

Professor Aina noted that Professor Adeyeye’s research works would be of immense value to all and sundry.

The Vice-Chancellor was the Chairman of the Lecture attended by several dignitaries which cut across all segments of life.