The Federal Government has been told to provide a detailed soil map for Nigeria, a Professor of soil science from Ekiti State University has advocated. Delivering the 37th Inaugural Lecture of Ekiti State University (EKSU), Professor Abayomi Fasina suggested that the Federal Government should assemble qualified experts to produce the map. The Pedologist noted that the mandate to have such a map should have a strong financial backing while information gathered from the soil survey should be useful for sustainable land management on agricultural and non-agricultural purposes. Professor Fasina in his 76-page lecture titled: “Can These Soils Sustain?: The Dilemma of a Pedologist” stressed that Government should enforce proper land use regulations to keep prime lands for agriculture. He also suggested a general education and public enlightenment on land use planning in Nigeria but urged that the land use degree be modified to remove bottlenecks in conservation practices. According to him, “marginal lands must not be allowed to be cultivated without any adequate land conservation measures”. Professor Fasina further urged the government at various stages to train soil scientists who could contribute significantly to the usage of land.