The Office of Research and development, charged with the responsibility of floating the two university based journals to be co funded by TETFUND obtained the approval of Mr Vice –Chancellor on the 4th of June 2013 to commence the publication of two university based journals namely, EKSU Journal of Science and Technology (EKSU JST) and Nigerian Inquiries Into The Humanities (NIITH). click to view journals

The Editorial Boards of the two journals have been approved by the VC. The EKSU JST will publish articles in five sections namely: Agricultural Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medical Research and Environmental Sciences. The NIITH will publish articles ib four sessions viz: Literary Studies(languages, Historical studies, Philosophy, religious studies etc), Management Studies (Accounting, BFN, Business, Industrial and commercial studies), Environmental Studies (Geography, Sociology, Education etc) and Legal studies (Political Science and Law).

Proposal For Introduction Of ‘Journal Article Award’ In Eksu

The Vice –Chancellor requested the Office of Research and Development to develop a paper on rewarding article publications in highly rated peer reviewed journals, as a means of encouraging Lecturers and Researchers in EKSU to publish their articles in highly reputable journals. Publications in such journals will put our University on the world map of research and portray EKSU as a centre of excellence in research and development. The Senate of the University has given the proposal an “approval in principle”. EKSUORD is awaiting the final approval to enable it commence administration of the award.