Prof. (Mrs) A. O. Adegun
Ag. Director

Brief History of the Directorate of Part-Time Programmes

The Directorate of Part-Time Programmes started as an External Degree Programme in the 1997/1998 session with five study centres located in Ado-Ekiti, Akure, Ibadan, Lagos and Ilorin, the number of study centres however increased with time.

In 2002, following the directive of the federal government on the closure of all study centres, the Senate of the University closed all the existing study centres and absorbed the students in the various study centres into the Ado-Ekiti campus to enable them continue and complete their studies.

As of now the Part-Time Programme Unit is fully domiciled on the main campus of the University.


The Programme:

The Programme is essentially a weekend programme designed to cater for working executives, middle class and junior workers seeking to improve on their employment.  It runs on Fridays, Saturdays and sometimes Sundays. The programme runs the same programmes with the regular University programmes at the undergraduate level.


The following programmes are run in the Directorate and approved by the National Universities Commission as at July, 2013

  1. B.Sc Accounting
  2. B.Sc Banking and Finance
  3. B.Sc Business Administration
  4. B.Sc Economics
  5. B.Sc Geography and Planning Science
  6. B.Sc Political Science
  7. B.Sc Psychology
  8. B.Sc Sociology
  9. B.A History and International Studies

The Vision of the Programme

The vision of the programme is to be a reference point in the provision of a uniquely qualitative education to suitable learners who may not have the opportunity for a full time university education.

The Mission

The mission of the programme is to provide all round academic and moral experience that will allow beneficiaries of the programme to continue to employ their expertise in contributing to the man power needs of the country during and beyond the period of learning.


Core Values

Our core values shall be the pursuit of excellence in academic and character building to benefit the self, society and mankind.


Mode of Supervision of the Programme

The Part-Time Programmes are supervised by the relevant and cognate Faculties and Departments in the regular programmes of the University.  The courses are taught by the same set of lecturers who teach them on the regular programmes as approved by the University Senate

All examinations are moderated by both internal and external examiners while the graded examination scripts are moderated by external examiners.  As part of the requirements for the award of the degree, each student is required to carry out a research work and submit bound copies of the research findings.

Type of Certificate in the Programme

At the end of the completion of studies, students are awarded the certificates of the University based on their programme of study.  Since they also went through the same courses of study like their counterparts in the regular programmes, no distinction is made in the degree awarded them and the regular students.


Academic Staff

The same set of full time and permanent members of the academic staff of the University who teach the approved programmes in the regular programmes also teach in the Part-Time Programmes.



Board of Governors and its Membership

The board is the highest decision making for the programme both for policy formulation and implication.  It consists of the following:

  • Vice-Chancellor as Chairman
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellors
  • Registrar
  • Bursar
  • University Librarian
  • Director of the Programme
  • Deans of Participating Faculties
  • One Representative of the University Senate
  • Secretary of the Programme as Secretary to the Board.


The Board of Governors is the highest policy making body for the overall management of the Directorate.

It gives final approval and ratification of new proposals or change in policies and prograammes.


  1. Academic Board and its Membership

The Academic Board perform the following functions

–         Considers and recommends admission list for all the programmes in the Directorate.

–         Consider and recommends list of Part-Time Lecturers for all Programmes

–         Consider disciplinary matters and recommends to relevant organs of the University.

–         Consider and recommends examination results to Senate performs other academic related functions  for the smooth running of the programme.

Membership include the followings:

  • Director of the Programmes as Chairman
  • Dean, Faculty of Arts
  • Dean, Faculty of Law
  • Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences
  • Dean, Faculty of the Social Sciences
  • Two Representatives of the University Senate
  • Coordinator of the Programme
  • Secretary of the Programme as Secretary to the Board.



1 Prof. Oluwadare Christopher  Taiwo Director 08033976565
2 Dr. Olaoye Clement Olatunji Deputy Director 08064466376
3 Mr. Amuda Tajudeen Oladipo Secretary 07037619111
5 Mr. Bobade Ademola Ebenezer Chief Internal Auditor 08035708033
6 Mr. Ogunleye Stephen Ayodeji Accountant 08067113148