In its more than three decades of existence, Ekiti State University (EKSU) has been able to carve a niche for itself in Nigeria's education space. With an Alumni's strength of close to 50,000 in various areas of specialization, the University has made no mean impact on the growth of the nation's high-level human capital. Many of its graduates now occupy positions of influence at the local, state, national and international levels. However EKSU, like any other Nigerian University, is faced with daunting challenges including (i) funding; (ii) growing students' population that is at least five times larger than what the teaching and social facilities can accommodate; (iii) globalisation, creating the demand to achieve international standards and recognition; and (iv) harnessing modern technology especially ICT for teaching, research and basic administration. The University must, therefore, review its strategies to ensure that it is able to effectively fulfill its mandates. Doing this requires a Strategic Plan that is aligned to the realities of a changing socio-economic milieu and is sufficiently focused on strengthening the University to respond to local, national and international challenges. Although the University had put together development plans in various forms over the years, this is the first time a Strategic Plan is prepared.

The overall goal of the Strategic Plan is to provide a road map for the University to achieve international standards and recognition within five years. These would not only apply to its degrees, research output and research impact on the nation, but also the conditions under which staff can live and work.

The Strategic goal will help to achieve the vision, mission and core values of the University.

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