A Brief History:

The Directorate of Works and Services is statutorily established with its leadership being listed as an officer of the University under the University Law.

The Directorate provides municipal services to the University in specialized areas of Technical and Engineering Services such as, Building, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Horticulture and Telecommunication.  Past headship of the Directorate were: Engr. Ojo-Chief Engineer; Engr. Ifederu- Chief Engineer, Engr. Oke- Chief Engineer, Engr. OribuyakuT. – Chief Engineer, Engr. Oladunjoye Chief Engineer; Engr. Ashaolu J.  – Assistant Director of Works; Arc. Oriye, O.O. – Director of Works; Engr. Ogundare –Director of Works; Engr. R. A. Ogunlade – Ag. Director of Works and Administrator-  Prof. Engr. S. B. Adeyemo. Current Leadership of the Department consists of the following: Co – ordinator of Works & Services – Engr. Akomolede M. O;Engr.Olu Ale – Chief Engineer Civil,  Mr.Adetunla, S. O. – Principal Builder and Mr.Bamigboye, I. O.  Assitant Chief Technical Officer Electrical

The Philosophy

The Department  of Works and Services consists of  specialized Technical Team of Professionals providing daily and routine maintenance activities on all University properties.

Our Vision

Our Vision from Works and Services Department for the Ekiti State University is to have a University that will rank among one of the best University in Africa in the next five years.

Purpose of the Works and Services Department is to render our manpower services to the benefit of the entire University.

Our Vision is to have a University that will have uninterrupted supply of electricity 24/7 and adequate supply of water 24/7 for laboratory work and conveniences.

Our Mission

Works and Services Department of Ekiti State University has been engaging in both Maintenance and Servicing of all University Properties as well as the cleanliness of the University environment.

To achieve the above vision for Ekiti University of our dream, we would need to explore internal and external facilities in the areas of donors.

Donors that will be ready to assist in the areas of dam construction for dual purpose of water supply of small and higher power as a source of additional energy to complement the supply from the national grid.

*           Proper Maintenance of University vehicles

*           Regular electricity supply

*           Ensuring neat environment in the University Community

*           Adequate water supply within the University

*           Re – roofing of the leaking roof

*           Repairing of electrical appliances

*           Installation repairing of air – conditioners



To pursue our vision, the following core values which will underpin everything we do will be identified.

*           Working together

*           The highest standards of personal honesty and ethical behaviour

*           Availability of necessary equipment in the department

*           Employment of more qualify workers

*           Proper financial backing from the management of University.

*           Accountability